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Battery powered crimping tools

Safe & Reliable Battery-powered Crimping Tool

These innovative tools lead the industry in safety and reliability, meeting OSHA requirements for operator safety:

  • Certified by CSA, an OSHA accredited NRTL (national recognized test lab) to meet mandatory OSHA requirements
  • Meets requirements of EU Machinery Directive and EMC Directive
  • Meets ISO 12100, Machinery Safety Risk Assessment, including ergonomics

Market-Specific Custom Cable You Need

Medical - With the medical market’s trends of microminiaturization & higher performance requirements, Alpha provides smaller hybrid & composite cables with ultra flexibility, autoclavable, low noise, low-elongation & high tensile strength.
Semiconductor - From wafer handling to packaging, Alpha makes semiconductor equipment faster, more reliable, & easier to maintain.
Energy - With a broad range of wire & cable for the energy industry, Alpha satisfies demanding requirements in energy applications—from flex cables that withstand harsh environments of wind power systems to solar cable & photovoltaic wire for solar energy systems.
Entertainment - Whether you need something as simple as a power cord or a cable that can maintain audio-video signal integrity in a noisy environment, you’ll find the breadth and depth of products to ensure an optimum solution to your application.
Industrial - Alpha's range of industrial automation cables combines the industry-leading quality and exceptional reliability you expect from Alpha Wire, with the performance to meet the rigorous requirements of the major automation communication architectures.

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