Off-Road & Agriculture Equipment

IEWC's extensive product offering and FABTECH® service can help you find the best solution for your application, supported by a network of distribution centers that can serve you worldwide.

The off-road & agriculture equipment market includes multiple sub-segments of machinery for different functions. Agriculture equipment includes rakes and balers, tillage, seeders, spreaders, sprayers, tractors and harvesters. Off-road equipment includes backhoe loaders, excavators, skid steer loaders, concrete equipment, wheeled loaders, and rigid haulers.

Agriculture equipment production and sales are subject to weather and environmental conditions and demand for commodities, such as corn, soybeans, wheat and rice. Demand for agriculture machinery is growing in emerging economies within South America, Asia and Africa, while it remains stable in Europe and is flat or somewhat down in North America. Regardless of the region, the design and subsequent use of this equipment is meant to reduce labor costs and increase efficiency. As such, there are several emerging technologies meant to improve operations, including advanced sensing, communication and control systems utilizing GPS, automated and integrated control of multiple machine functions, and even robot-controlled and unmanned machines.

The off-road equipment market is also changing rapidly, due to the infrastructure development, growth of emerging markets, and evolving requirements. Due to changing regulations on emissions, noise abatement and safety, many OEMs are focusing their R&D efforts on finding new technologies to meet those regulations. Customers are demanding advanced technology and fuel-efficient engines, as well as intuitive controls in order to overcome a shortage of skilled labor.

Superior performance and reliability under harsh conditions are necessary for wire, cable and wire management products used in off-road & agriculture equipment. These products are used for various applications, such as power and control circuits, lighting, data and transmission systems, and communication and navigation systems.

IEWC provides numerous products and services to assembly houses and OEMs who are producing components and equipment for the off-road & agriculture market. We offer a broad range of products that meet applicable SAE, UL, CSA, and ICEA specifications. Local expertise and our FABTECH® service ensures we can help you find the right solution, translating our experience in off-road & agriculture equipment, automotive, and other markets into a product and service offering tailored to your application.

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Off-Road & Agriculture Equipment Linecard

The global off-road and agriculture equipment market is changing rapidly due to infrastructure development, growth of emerging markets, and evolving environmental and safety requirements. IEWC carries a full line of products that can satisfy these specific performance requirements and withstand extreme conditions in offroad and agriculture equipment applications.