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US Transportation Industry Outlook for 2018

February 28, 2018

WHAT CAN WE EXPECT IN THE US TRANSPORTATION INDUSTRY IN 2018 based on current trends? The rates of change for the various segments of the US transportation industry suggest that some of the outperforming segments of 2017 like agricultural machinery and heavy-duty trucking will falter in 2018, while some of the 2017 laggards — automotive and aerospace — are poised to make gains in 2018.

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2017 in Review: A Year of Record Sales and Planned Transitions

January 26, 2018

With the end of 2017 and the beginning of a new year, the season is perfect for retrospection and looking ahead to the opportunities in 2018. This past year was busy and full of change for the entire IEWC family. From record setting sales, to digital transformation initiatives, to succession planning, 2017 has been a bustling year and we expect 2018 to continue the trend.

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