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Supplying Solutions

October 27, 2015

IEWC was recently contacted by a company looking for a quote on a product they were currently procuring elsewhere. The purchasing person inquiring had been directed to IEWC by his incoming inspectors under the recommendation that “IEWC provides good packaging and paperwork compared to other wire distributors”. While it is really rewarding to know the efforts we place in establishing solid, standard practices and processes are recognized, valued and shared by our customers, I’m often asked what is IEWC’s secret for success?

Our job in the Supply Chain is to make sure our salespeople are armed with the right tools so they continue to provide an unparalleled customer service experience with their customers. The performance of everyone involved in sourcing, logistics, material management, distribution operations, quality and customer service may not be as visible to the outside, but it is critical to the success and growth of any company.

After all, you can’t make a good cake if you don’t have the right ingredients, equipment and recipes.

In the back offices of our business, dozens of men and women work every day of the year to bring valued products and services to all of our customers and we have all seen the incredible results they continually produce. We are delivering to our promised dates at a level not often seen in our industry as we also continue to turn around quotes faster and on more product than we ever have. None of this would be helpful, of course, if we didn’t have the right source of product and at the right cost. The challenge for our dedicated employees is to continuously improve in order to remain the distributor of choice, the partner our customers need to be successful in their businesses.

Helping our sales team deliver solutions to improve the success of our customers’ businesses -  that’s what the supply chain does. That’s what we always aim for with our customers, ensuring we are always there and ready to help.

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