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Diesel Locomotive Cable - DLO

Diesel Locomotive Cable, 8 AWG, Tinned copper, CPE, Black

DLO cable is used primarily in diesel electric motors, but because of it's excellent resistance to impact, abrasion, and other physical elements, these cables are also used in a variety of other intense applications.

At a glance

  • IEWC Part # DLO08-37-2-0EC-AM
  • Manufacturer AmerCable
  • Manufacturer Part # 37-119-204
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  • A two layer composite of flame retardant, oil and sunlight resistant Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) outer layer and Ethylene-Propylene rubber (EPR) inner layer. The composite design provides significant diameter reductions compared to designs using full thickness jackets.
  • Suitable for continuous operating temperatures of 90°C, wet or dry
  • Rated RHH, RHW-2; 2/0 - 1111 kcmil listed and marked "for CT use"
  • UL listed as Sunlight Resistant
  • UL listed as Marine Shipboard Cable (4/0 and larger) - Special order only
  • Insulation and jacket meet hazardous waste regulations, per Code of Federal Regulations 40 Section 261 (40CFR261) for characteristic lead content
  • Flame Resistance: FT-4/IEEE1202 for 2/0 - 1111 kcmil and UL VW-1
  • Meets smoke release and other requirements of Vertical Cable Tray Test UL 1685 and is marked "ST-1" for 2/0 - 1111 kcmil
  • Extremely flexible stranding used for increased flexibility and ease of installation

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