Executive Summary

At IEWC, success has always been based on hard work and an unwavering commitment to honesty and integrity in everything we do. Today’s business environment is complex and changing, but one thing that has never changed is our belief that our good reputation depends on each of us being personally responsible for our conduct. What follows is a summary of IEWC’s new Code of Ethics and Business Conduct Policy. It is provided as an overview but not as a replacement for your review and understanding of the entire policy.

Our Commitment

  • Protecting IEWC's reputation is the responsibility of every employee in every country we do business
  • This policy applies to all employees, temporary employees as well as business partners such as vendors and consultants.
  • If you see or suspect illegal/unethical behavior or you have a question about what to do, ask for help. We have an obligation to report any possible violations.
  • Be assured, you can report ethical violations confidentially and without any fear of retaliation.

Our Responsibilities to Each Other

  • We owe each other honesty, respect and fair treatment.
  • We support laws prohibiting discrimination based on race, color, gender, origin, age, religion, disability, veteran status, marital status or sexual orientation.
  • A harassment-free workplace
  • Privacy
    • We need to learn about what types of information are protected by law and establish appropriate levels of protection.
    • Protect the confidentiality of personal information.
    • Return or destroy personal information that is no longer needed.
    • Immediately report the loss or inadvertent disclosure of employee information.
    • Safe and Healthy Work Environment
    • Each of us is responsible for acting in a safe manner that protects ourselves and others. Report situations/ concerns immediately.

Our Responsibilities to our Customer and Business Partners

  • Honest and Ethical Dealings – treat our customers fairly and honestly.
  • Be responsive to customer’s requests unless it is something you regard as unethical or unlawful.
  • Promise what you can deliver and deliver what you promise.
  • Confidential information from customers should be protected.
  • Business leaders who oversee work with governments/government owned entities must remain up to date on relevant regulations, and responsible to communicate IEWC's business standards to third parties working on behalf of IEWC.
  • Conflict of Interest - Any conflicts of interest, either real or perceived should be immediately reported. All "moonlighting" must be disclosed to your manager.
  • Gifts and Entertainment
    • We do not accept or provide gifts, favors or entertainment if the intent is to improperly influence a business decision.
    • Gifts, either given or received, should be appropriate to the business relationship.
    • Individual gifts should be limited to a reasonable and customary value.
    • Protecting IEWC Assets
    • Each employee is responsible for the company assets they are entrusted with. Company assets are for business use.
    • Confidential Information - should only be used and disclosed for legitimate business purposes and only with individuals that are authorized to have access to the information.

Our Responsibilities to the Marketplace

  • Competitive Intelligence - We must never engage in fraud, misrepresentation or deception to obtain competitive information.
  • Communicating with the Public - IEWC needs a consistent voice when speaking with the public. It is important that only authorized employees speak on behalf of IEWC.

Our Responsibilities as Corporate Citizens

  • Personal involvement in the community is encouraged, but we should not pressure co-workers.
  • You have the right to participate in the political process but you do not have the right to portray your views as those of IEWC.
  • Insider trading – Confidential information may not be used for personal benefit or the benefit of friends, family or business associates.
  • Anti-trust and Fair Competition – We never engage in improper practices that may limit competition and we never look to gain competitive advantage through unethical or illegal business practices.
  • Anti-corruption and bribery – We are a global company with a global commitment to integrity. We do not pay bribes or kickbacks at any time for any reason to a private businessperson or government official. It is especially important that we monitor third parties acting on our behalf. We recognize that in some countries it is common practice to make “facilitating payments” which are small payments to low-level government employees to get them to perform their job.
  • Global Trade – IEWC honors the trade, import and export laws in all of the countries in which it operates and we expect our business partners to do the same.

Modern Slavery Act of 2015

IEWC and its Subsidiaries can state with assurance that as a company, neither slavery nor human trafficking exist in any of its businesses and that such practices would be a violation of our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. We are not aware that these practices exist in our supply chain but commit that we will work with our suppliers to insure that these practices do not exist and make sure that new suppliers also meet this requirement.

This policy is at the core of how IEWC conducts its business and how it expects its employees and business partners to conduct business. Each of us has the responsibility for acting with integrity, even when difficult. We are expected to know and understand the policy. In that light, it is very important that you review the policy in its entirety.

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