Technical Guide

Wire & Cable Construction

Anatomy of a Wire

Discover the definition of a wire, how it's made and in what applications it is used.

What is a Wire?

Hook Up Wire and Lead Wire Complete Guide

UL 1015 Hook-Up Wire Guide

CSA & UL Styles Comparison Guide

GPT Wire

Anatomy of a Cable

Discover the different types of cable, how they're made and what applications they are used in.

Wire & Cable Selection

Choosing the right wire or cable for your application is the first step to a successful project.


Even in the design of a simple single insulated wire, many factors must be considered when choosing a conductor.

Insulation & Jacket

One of the most important components of a wire is its insulation. Learn how to select a product which best meets the requirements of your application.

Shield & Armor

Learn about the wide variety of shielding and armor available to protect your wire and cable from damage.

Wire & Cable Properties


Browse basic ampacity values, suggested ampacities and more.


Browse test procedures for flame retardancy, insulation durometer hardness and more.

Installation & Applications


Browse standard product options for a wide variety of typical applications.

Application & Selection Guide for Standard Product


Cable installation guidelines, pulling tensions and de-reeling procedures.

Industry Standards & Specifications

Industry Organizations

Listing of the wire and cable industry's most mentioned organizations and ratings.


Who makes that? Browse a collection of the industry's most recognized trademarks.

Registered Trademarks