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How VFD Cable Affects Motor Performance Podcast

We talk about types of VFD cable & learn how the wrong cable can cause electromagnetic interference, premature motor failure, drive trips & other problems; why termination is vital for VFD cable use & what happens when it’s not terminated properly; & which conditions might call for a reactor or sine wave filter. Listen Now

How to Choose the Right Cable for Industrial Environments

Learn how to choose the right cable for your industrial environment. Installing ruggedized cable is vital to prevent costly downtime and to ensure a safe and secure network.Watch Now

Key Attributes of High Voltage Cable to Consider

Learn about the six key performance attributes that OEMs and design engineers should consider when specifying cable in high voltage architecture.Watch Now

What Purchasers Need to Know About Sourcing Wire & Cable

Are you new to wire and cable? In this free e-book you'll learn about: the anatomy of wire and cable, the types of compounds used to make them and how to ensure the wire and cable you order is really what you need.Download

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Copper Conductor Alternatives

Copper costs have gone up exponentially since the beginning of 2020 and market experts believe the cost will continue to rise through 2021 and likely beyond. What alternatives to copper stranding are available for purchasers of wire and cable?Read More

Industrial vs. Regular Ethernet: Does it Matter?

The short answer is, if your Ethernet cables are not meant to withstand the environment they are in, they won’t work. At least, they won’t work the way you want them to. Read More

Advances in High Voltage Cable Design for EV Systems

Dramatic advances in the science of polyolefin material and irradiation technology have converged to create state-of-the-art XLPO cables for the EV market. Learn how the technology of high voltage cabling has and continues to evolve as the market matures.Watch Recording

Voltage Drop

What is voltage drop and how can it affect equipment efficiency, power consumption and potential damage?Read More

Electrical Tape Selection Guide

Learn about the six factors you should consider when selecting vinyl tape.Read More

How to Choose a Wire Label

This series of four brief video explains factors to consider when evaluating new wire label printers, systems, and label substrates.Learn How

Alternatives to 200°C UL/CSA FEP Wires

FEP-insulated lead wire has been used in many markets and applications for decades. It’s strong, can be used in very thin walls, is highly fluid- and flame-resistant, and is very thermally robust with many UL/CSA products commercially available at -65°C to +200°C.Learn More

Wire & Cable 101 for Purchasing & Sales Professionals

For professionals new to the electrical industry, simple questions about electricity and conductors can seem a hot mess of acronyms, cross-current regulations, and foreign words. This webinar addresses basic questions about the relationship between volts and amps, circuits, conductors, and power and data transmission.  We concentrate on the basics of electricity and leave topics like regulations, data tables, and governing bodies to a later date.Watch Now

Wire & Cable 102 for Purchasing & Sales Professionals

For folks new to the industry, this free webinar is designed to provide foundation information about electric cable conductors, insulation, as well as an introduction into regulatory agencies.Watch Now

Optimize the Lifespan of Your High-Flex Cables

Given the cost premium of high-flex cables, appropriate attention should be given to the nuances of how cables should be handled and installed in the cable track.Read More