How VFD Cable Affects Motor Performance

"Automation Chat"

“Automation Chat” podcast host Theresa Houck, Executive Editor of "The Journal From Rockwell Automation and Our PartnerNetwork" magazine, discusses variable-frequency drive (VFD) cable with Steve Wetzel, Senior Product Engineer and Brad Pollard, Vice President of Sales for Automation Products, with Rockwell Automation Encompass Product Partner Southwire. Learn how VFD cable can improve manufacturing process performance. We talk about how VFD cable controls common-mode current and addresses electromagnetic interference (EMI). We talk about different types of VFD cable, and you’ll see examples of cable and terminating kits. Also learn how the wrong cable can cause EMI, premature motor failure, drive trips and other problems; why termination is vital for VFD cable use and what happens when it’s not terminated properly; and what conditions might call for a reactor or sine wave filter. Listen and subscribe to our “Automation Chat” podcast on your favorite podcast app, or listen on the web at

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