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Need specialized tubing? You need Techflex!

Farmers looking to move milk from cow to store cooler, or craft brewers who demand quality tubing to move brew from tank to connoisseur need special tubing. DairyFlow hoses are:

  • 1/3 lighter than other milk tubing and extremely flexible in freezing & fluctuating temps
  • Highly resistant to sanitizing chemicals with superior tear resistance and long life
  • Plasticizer/phthalate-free; made from ultra-pure pharmaceutical-grade material

BrewFlow Clear & Copper craft brewing, distilling, and wine making tubing is:

  • Cost-effective, long-lifespan, silicone-alternative tubing
  • Highly kink-proof, compression-resistant & flexible in cold temperatures
  • Protective from outside temp fluctuations & oxygen permeation
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    March 23, 2020

    As the health and economic challenges due to COVID-19 escalated with staggering speed the past few weeks, we are here to answer that challenge. IEWC stands with our customers to do all we can to help them deliver the vital equipment that citizens and communities across the globe are counting on.

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  • How Vibration, Noise and Crosstalk can Cause Downtime

    November 19, 2019

    Vibration and noise are common in industrial environments like manufacturing and rail transport. The rumble of assembly lines can interrupt data transmission and connectors can be jarred loose. Think about how much vibration occurs as a rail car travels to its destination. Environments like these require a ruggedized product.

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