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HellermannTyton is a leading global manufacturer of systems and solutions which help world-class customers better manage and identify wire, cable and components. Located in over 34 countries, HellermannTyton offers an integrated approach in the design, manufacturing and delivery of its products which result in higher quality and lower costs for its customers.
HellermannTyton Cable Tie Automatic Applicator

Cable Tie Automatic Applicator

Boost Production Efficiency with the Hybrid CPK Autotool 

The CPK Hybrid Autotool by HellermannTyton automatically applies and trims cable ties, creating wire bundles in less than a second — a clear winner in creating labor efficiency. The CPK Hybrid offers unprecedented flexibility, portability and freedom of movement when working in multiple locations or in tight spaces. 

HellermannTyton Evo Cut

The EVO Cut plastic tie cutting tool preserves the wires and harnesses from being damaged in the cutting process without compromising the cut of the strap. This new tool works for both flexible and rigid bundles and recommended for use in harness applications in which the safety and integrity of the wires is important.

HellermannTyton Evo Cut

HellermannTyton is able to realize its mission through investing substantial resources in product development, advanced manufacturing processes, top-level quality systems and personnel, which make it easy to conduct business with HellermannTyton.

HellermannTyton's range of products works well together to provide customers with the lowest installed costs in the industry. Utilizing the latest technologies in design and prototyping tools, HellermannTyton's experienced development teams work closely with customers to assure groundbreaking performance, lower labor rates, reduced administrative and inventory costs and overall results which exceed expectations.

HellermannTyton serves the aerospace, automotive, data communication, defense, industrial automation, OEM, rail, solar and wind, truck and heavy equipment and wire processing industries.

Bundling and securing – cable ties, cable tie mounts and clips and clamps  |  Application tools – manual and automatic cable tie tools  |  Routing, protection and insulation – wiring duct, raceway, braided sleeving, protective tubing and spiralwrap, heat shrink tubing, electrical tape and heat shrink molded shapes/boots  |  Identification – printers and labels

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