History of IEWC

The History of IEWC

60 Years Electrifying the World 

  • January 1962
    On January 1, 1962, Ted Krzynski purchases Martin Electric Sales, a small wire and cable house located on Water Street in Milwaukee, WI. Ted quickly finds a trusted friend and business partner in Harlan Murray, who becomes the company’s Vice President in March of 1962. Desiring a fresh start, Ted renames the company to Marcam, Inc.

  • January 1963
    In 1963, Ted begins to implement his vision of offering cut-to-length respooling and just-in-time inventory. This focus on customer service and satisfaction helps the company to quickly build success and momentum within the marketplace.

  • October 1963
    With the increasing need for additional office and inventory space, Marcam relocates to 3112 W. Burleigh Street in Milwaukee.

  • January 1964
    Ted changes the company’s name from Marcam, Inc. to Industrial Electric Wire & Cable, Inc.

  • September 1964
    Industrial Electric Wire & Cable moves to New Berlin, Wisconsin, USA.

  • May 1973
    Industrial Electric purchases its first forklift –- an Allis Chalmers.

  • January 1974
    Curly Valerio builds a special re-spooling machine named “The Curly.”

  • December 1974
    William De Gray, Industrial Electric’s first Purchasing Manager, becomes the company’s first employee to retire.

  • July 1978
    Industrial Electric purchases its first office computer.

  • February 1983
    Looking to expand beyond its Milwaukee roots, Industrial Electric Wire & Cable opens a sales and distribution center in South Carolina.

  • October 1985
    Ted sells Industrial Electric to his employees and creates an employee-owned (ESOP) company.

  • October 1986
    Industrial Electric hires its first Inside Sales Representative.

  • January 1987
    Ted Krzynski retires after serving as President & CEO for 25 years. Ted hands the reins over to Chuck Mahaffey, who becomes Industrial Electric’s second President.

  • December 1988
    Following in the footsteps of Ted, Chuck Mahaffey continues the expansion of Industrial Electric’s United States presence with the opening of a sales and distribution center in Ohio.

  • June 1992
    Industrial Electric’s expands into Arizona with the opening of a sales and distribution center.

  • September 1993
    After 31 years of service, Harlan Murray retires.

  • October 1993
    Industrial Electric Wire & Cable is registered to ISO through Underwriters Laboratory.

  • April 1998
    Industrial Electric builds the world’s first fully-automated distribution re-spooling machine –- aptly named “The Mahaffey”.

  • April 1998
    Industrial Electric goes live on the World Wide Web at

  • September 1998
    An Industrial Electric sales and distribution center is opened in Texas.

  • January 1999
    David Nestingen becomes Industrial Electric’s third President.

  • December 1999
    After 27 years of service, Chuck Mahaffey retires.

  • September 2000
    Industrial Electric moves its corporate headquarters, as well as its U.S. North Central sales office and distribution center, to 5001 S. Towne Drive in New Berlin, Wisconsin.

  • January 2005
    Industrial Electric opens its first international sales and distribution center in Mexico.

  • October 2005
    With the Mexico branch deemed a success, Industrial Electric opens a sales office in Canada.

  • November 2006
    Industrial Electric purchases Colonial Wire & Cable in Sterling, Massachusetts. In addition to a strategically placed sales and distribution center for the U.S. Northeast, Industrial Electric gains an experienced team within the Military and Aerospace markets.

  • January 2007
    Sales teams are restructured, with staff deployed to the following roles: Account Executives, Account Managers and Account Representatives.

  • April 2007
    Due to the success of its previous international expansions, Industrial Electric opens a sales and distribution center in China.

  • July 2007
    Industrial Electric acquires Wyro Tech in Quebec, Canada and gains an experienced team and a strategically placed sales and distribution center to serve eastern Canada.

  • January 2008
    As Industrial Electric’s international expansion continues, the company purchases Peter Augsten Wire & Cable GmbH in Germany to better serve customers throughout the European Union.

  • July 2008
    Desiring a sales team and distribution center for the U.S. Pacific Northwest, Industrial Electric acquires Control Master Products in California.

  • February 2009
    Industrial Electric purchases C3 Limited in the United Kingdom to expand their footprint within the European Union.

  • May 2009
    Industrial Electric opens a third party logistics distribution center with V-Logic Ltd to serve customers in southern China and Southeast Asia.

  • September 2010
    It is increasingly clear that Industrial Electric Wire & Cable is becoming a major player in both the domestic and international markets. With the recent addition of wire management products and a custom engineered solutions division known as FABTECH, the company begins showing the desire to spread its wings. Industrial Electric re-brands itself to the acronym IEWC. The new name allows the company to remain true to its heritage, yet reflects the products, services and solutions that will help sustain it into the future.

  • November 2011
    IEWC acquires Distribuidora Anaya Munoz, S.A. de C.V. (DAMSA) in Mexico, gaining a sales staff with a strong knowledge in wire management products.

  • May 2012
    IEWC expands into South America with a sales and distribution center in Brazil.

  • December 2012
    IEWC opens a new office and distribution center in Alberta, Canada to support growing Canadian sales.

  • January 2013
    IEWC acquires Almo Wire & Cable, one of the leading stocking suppliers of marine wire, industrial battery cable and military specialty products in the United States.

  • January 2014
    IEWC acquires Westlake Electronic Supply, Inc. from Rob and Matt Granard. In addition to a new strategic stocking location in the US Northwest, IEWC gains a sales staff with strong experience in Broadcast and Communication.

  • August 2015
    IEWC acquires UK-based Premier Cables Limited, a leading distributor of cable and accessories to various building projects, infrastructure, broadcast and communications and alternative energy projects, directly and through wholesalers.

  • April 2016
    IEWC announces the launch of a new distribution facility in El Paso, Texas on April 1, 2016.

  • April 2018
    Mike Veum is appointed as IEWC's Chief Executive Officer.

  • June 2018
    IEWC Mexico relocates its Monterrey, Mexico distribution center to a larger facility to increase its overall capacity to serve customers.

  • August 2019
    IEWC opens a new distribution facility in Hermosillo on August 1, 2019, increasing IEWC's capacity to service its customers' wire, cable and wire management product needs with increased local inventory and shipping capabilities.

  • October 2020
    IEWC expands into telecom with power products for contractors with its acquisition of Jupiter Communications in Arizona, USA.

  • September 2021
    IEWC acquires Cablcon, fiber and copper custom assembly manufacturer in Detroit, Michigan, and Dallas, Texas, USA.

  • January 2022
    IEWC celebrates 60 years electrifying the world.

  • October 2023
    IEWC announces the consolidation of the Jupiter and Cablcon brands under the Cablcon name.