Value-Add Product Services


Here at IEWC, we are committed to being more than just a supplier of wire and cable. With capabilities that can help advance your company, we strive to be your most entrusted business partner. Our product value – add services are aimed to help accelerate and simplify your business, saving you time and money. 


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IEWC wire and cable distribution center.


Maximize your production efficiency, reduce your procurement overhead, and consolidate transactional costs

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Cut Tubing

Save valuable time, maintain short length accuracy, and eliminate scrap but having IEWC cut your tubing to length for immediate application to the product connection – add printing for identification or company image placement!


Eliminate costly production processes by purchasing preformed wires, ready for installation at point of use


Need to differentiate between conductors? IEWC can add colored stripes to your wire to make identification pain-free.

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IEWC can package wire and cable to the lengths you need, cutting down on installation time and saving you money.

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Custom Packaging

IEWC can apply labels customized to the information and barcodes you need to streamline production, or even add your company/product imagery, UPC, etc

Cut Sleeving

Let us cut your sleeving products to the length needed, ready to add to your finished product – hot blade cut when applicable to eliminate fraying

Cut, Strip, and Tin

Save time and money by allowing IEWC to cut custom lengths of wire for your company, simplifying and accelerating your business.

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Dyeing changes the jacket color of your wire and cable, ensuring you get the product you need in the color you desire.

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Allow us to add your designated mark to your product, helping customize your process and save time with accurate labeling

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No spool? No Problem! Save on supply waste for shorter lengths with our coiling program

Cut Loom/Conduit

Save on transportation costs by having IEWC cut your material to the needed length


A chemical process that allows your wire and cable to be exposed to harsh conditions and chemicals.

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Speed up installation processes and help mitigate transmission clarity issues by allowing IEWC to twist the wires for you

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Drum Packing

Drum Packing and Drum Box packing allows you to store a large amount of wire and cable in an efficient way.

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