Drum Packing & Drum Box Packing

When storing and using large quantities of wire and cable, it is necessary to store it in an efficient way. IEWC’s drum packing, and drum box packing do just that. We take large quantities of wire and cable and package it in drum and drum boxes, to help you save inventory space and thus save you money. Depending on the gauge, thousands of feet of wire and cable can be efficiently stored with IEWC’s packing capabilities. 

Wire stored in a large drum

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Drum Packing 

Does your process require you to pull cable from a drum? IEWC’s drums provide reliable, heavy-duty protection for your valuable wire inventory. Depending on the gauge and outside diameter of the wire, traditional drums can store thousands of feet of wire or cable. 

Drum Box Packing 

While traditional wire and cable drums provide reliable, heavy-duty protection for wire and cable in large quantities, drum box packing can be the more cost-effective way of storing wire and cable when purchasing smaller quantities. With drum boxes, there is no need for full or half-barrels of months or even years’  worth of material, they provide a more flexible, yet reliable, storage system for wire inventory. Drum Boxes are perfect for high-mix/ low-volume wire usage. 

With the ability to stack four drum boxes in the same space as one traditional barrel, drum boxes will reduce the amount of storage space you need, saving on your inventory costs. Drum boxes, are made of 100% cardboard, allowing them to be easily broken down and recycled, and because of the lightweight cardboard, shipping costs will be reduced, and the material will be easier to handle. Learn More


Most solid materials, 20 AWG through 8 AWG, can be drum packed. Twisted materials, Teflon, and Hypalon materials cannot be drum packed. To find out if drum packing or drum box packing is right for you, speak to your customer service representative or fill out the form below.