As a global supplier of wire and cable, IEWC is an expert when it comes to respooling. We can respool and cut your wire or cable to your exact specifications, allowing you to get the quantity of wire you desire.

Warehouse worker respools wire

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IEWC’s respooling capabilities can benefit your company in a variety of ways: 

Save Money

Cutting wire to the exact length you need removes errors and helps avoid scrap waste. By cutting your product to the length you need, your company will not need to store extra expensive wire and cable in inventory, saving valuable floor space and reducing inventory costs.  

Save Time

Along with a reduction of waste, respooling will save valuable time during installation. Respooling will eliminate material handling issues with heavy bulky reels, allowing you to save time in machine set up. Additionally, by having spools cut to the exact length needed, machine down time will be reduced as the spools will not have to be replenished as frequently.