Wire Printing

Printing is the process of adding numbers or letters to your wire and cable. Perfect for branding or labeling certain wires and cable, IEWC can print any message on your product. Printing can be done in either black or white ink, in one of two popular methods: Ink Jet Printing and Wheel Printing. 

Spools of multi-color wire and cable

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Ink Jet Printing

Like a modern-day printer, Ink Jet printing occurs by the wire or cable passing under the printing head where the wire gets marked with either black or white ink. Ink-Jet printing is a non-contact form of printing best suited for cables that have a rough or uneven surface. 

Wheel Printing

Opposite of Ink Jet Printing, Wheel Printing is a contact form of printing best suited for cables with smooth surfaces and small gauge wire. In this form of printing a print wheel acts as a large ‘stamp’ and presses a series of characters in black or white ink onto the wire or cable. Wheel printing is a fixed process meaning that different prints will require different wheels. 

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