Wire striping is the process of adding a stripe of your specifications to the wire or cable you desire. In complex processes that require many different wires, striping can make identification of wires simple. Wire striping will allow you to keep your process organized, allowing installation and maintenance to be quick and pain free. Teflon stripes can also be applied when requested. 

Wire and cable spools in IEWC distribution center.

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​Striping techniques are similar, the type of stripe being applied is up to customer preference. IEWC offers three types of striping to help simplify your business: ​

​Longitudinal Striping– Longitudinal stripes run vertically along the length of the wire. Longitudinal stripes can be single or double stripes depending on your needs.  ​ 

Spiral Striping  - Spiral stripes are stripes that wrap around the entire wire and cable allowing for easy wire identification. Because of the spiral orientation of the stripes, this form of identification can be seen no matter the angle you are viewing the wire from.  Spiral stripes can be single or double stripes depending on your needs. ​    

Hash Striping -  Hash striping is a series of parallel ‘rings’ along the wire or cable. Similar to spiral striping, this form of identification can be seen no matter the angle you are viewing from.   


Wire with PVC insulation can be striped in a variety of colors:  Black, Blue, Brown, Dark Blue, Gray, Green, Orange, Red, Violet, White, Yellow​

Teflon Stripes can be done in Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Violet, White, Yellow ​

​When materials are striped the product color will list two colors, the first will be the base color and the second will be the color of the stripe. For example, a product color of Blue/White means a blue wire with a white stripe.​

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