Cut, Strip, and Tin Wire

Perfect for the process that requires precise lengths of wire, IEWC’s cut/strip/tin value add service can simplify your business. Instead of having to manually cut each piece of wire that you need, and stripping the ends of each piece, let us do it for you. Tinning is a common extension of the cut/ strip process that will improve upon the soldering capabilities of your wire and mitigate the effects of oxidation. 

Wire on a large machine.

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Allowing IEWC to do your cutting and stripping will save you both money and time. With precision cuts there will be less scrap waste from human errors, reducing the time it takes to complete a job and reducing the amount of money spent on wasted material. 

Tinning will keep the strands of wire from fraying during the soldering process, improving upon the soldering capabilities of that product. A tinned coating of wire can also help resist against oxidation, meaning you won’t need to replace your products as often.