Wire Etching

Etching is a chemical process that allows wire and cable to be exposed to harsh conditions, like high temperatures or the presence of chemicals. The process involves the wire passing through a sodium bath to create a rough surface on the wire.  The etching removes the fluorine from the surface of the wire and then develops double carbon-to-carbon bonds, Carbonyl, Carboxyl, Hydroxyl groups and epoxides.

Wire on a machine

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Certain materials, such as Teflon, require etching to be able to be printed on.

Benefits of Wire Etching
  • Improved toughness 
  • Enhanced flexibility 
  • Ability to be exposed to harsh conditions and chemicals
  • Withstands high temperatures 

The improved toughness of the wire and cable means that you will not have to replace the product as frequently, saving you both money and time.