Wire Striping

Do you need a quick and easy way to identify wires and cables? Wire striping is an easy solution and an added value to our customers. Wire striping is the simple solution of adding your specified stripe to the wire or cable you desire. In complex processes or applications that require many different wires, striping makes a significant difference, allowing you to identify the right wire easily and quickly. Wire and Cable striping offer an easy visual indicator. In addition, wire and cable striping helps you organize your project, making installation and maintenance quick and pain-free. Teflon materials can be striped in a wide variety of colors upon request.

Wire and cable spools in IEWC distribution center.

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At IEWC, we offer three types of wire and cable striping to help simplify the process of wire identification for our customers. Our technique for applying the stripes is similar for each wire or cable, but the type of stripe is really up to your preference. You let us know which of the three types of wire striping will work best for your business:

Longitudinal Striping

Longitudinal stripes run vertically along the length of the wire. Longitudinal stripes can be single or double, depending on your needs and preferences for each application.   

Spiral Striping

Spiral stripes wrap around the entire wire and cable for easy wire identification. Because of the spiral orientation of the lines, this form of identification is visible from any angle, making it ideal for applications where quick identification is particularly crucial. Depending on your project requirements, we offer spiral stripes in singular or double configurations.     

Hash Striping

Hash striping is a pattern consisting of a series of parallel ‘rings’ along the wire or cable. Hash striping is similar to spiral striping in that this form of wire identification is viewable from any angle.   


We can use wire striping to mark and differentiate many types of wire. Wire with PVC insulation is available for striping in a wide range of colors: black, blue, brown, dark blue, gray, green, orange, red, violet, white, and yellow.

Teflon materials can be striped in black, blue, brown, gray, green, orange, pink, red, violet, white, and yellow.

You can quickly tell if a wire is striped because the product color will list two colors. The first color listed on the packaging is the base color, and the second listing is the color of the stripe. So, for example, a product listed as blue/white on the package indicates a blue wire with a white stripe.


Choosing wire striping helps you in many different ways. Your team can easily stay organized and choose the correct wire or cable for each job.

Wire striping increases efficiency by helping your team save time on jobs. At a glance, they can quickly select the ideal wire for the task without question. Something as seemingly simple as a visual wire marker makes a significant difference in the middle of production.

Moreover, wire striping helps your team stay organized. There’s no risk of using the wrong wire or cable on a project because the components are clearly indicated and easily differentiated. Team members can see if a wire or cable is running low and if it’s time to restock inventory.

Nothing costs your company like doing a job incorrectly or choosing the wrong components for a project. If your team is trying to connect wires quickly in an application, wire striping helps ensure they choose the right wire every time. Reduce the incidence of mistakes and missteps in production by ensuring that wires are easily identified.

If you are interested in wire striping or alternative wire identification products we offer at IEWC,  please reach out. We’re here to help you ensure the safety and efficiency of your team.