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Whether your primary concern is evolving your product with the most advanced wire or cable, obtaining a competitive price, or consolidating your supply source to a full-service distributor, we will ensure you have the components you need, when you need them.

The global industrial automation market includes a broad range of equipment used to automate manufacturing processes, machinery and other equipment. Sustainability and energy efficiency, smart technologies and emerging economies are expected to continue to drive growth in this market. IEWC is focused on providing innovative solutions that account for dynamic requirements and advance our customers’ production capabilities. IEWC’s industrial automation offering of control, electronic and motor/servo cables, among others, will satisfy your performance needs and withstand harsh production environments.

Industrial Automation Solutions

For more than half a century, IEWC has supplied complete solutions for our customers' wire, cable and wire management needs. IEWC offers an unparalleled customer experience that supports the success of your projects and helps ensure the growth of your company. Explore the various solutions IEWC offers for the Industrial Automation industry.

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Shop from IEWC's catalog of 1000s of in-stock wire, cable and wire management products for the industrial automation industry.

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IEWC offers a variety of value-added services, such as striping, dyeing, twisting, and more, aimed to help accelerate and simplify your business.

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Many other wire, cable and wire management products available from stock. Consult your IEWC Sales Representative for detailed specifications on each product.

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For over 50 years, IEWC has worked with our customers to offer complete solutions for their wire, cable and wire management needs. With local expertise and a global network of distribution centers, IEWC provides the personalized service and support you need to get the job done right. Discover the difference it makes when IEWC is on “Your Team”.

Industrial Automation Applications:

Services offered at IEWC

The industrial automation market is composed of a broad range of equipment used to automate manufacturing processes, machinery, and other equipment. Because machinery production, a significant contributor to industrial automation demand, is generally utilized for other manufacturing processes, this market is a good indicator of general economic health.

There are a few primary categories of wire and cable used for industrial automation. Control, electronic, network, and motor/servo cables are all used to automate the manufacturing process. IEWC maintains healthy inventory levels for each of these categories, so you have your product when you need it. Consistent collaboration with our supplier partners ensures we have the features and advanced technologies that can help advance your production capabilities. We distribute very flexible cables for machine tools, plant constructions, and assembly lines. These products are easily routed and able to withstand harsh production environments. The highly-flexing cables we distribute are engineered to resist abrasion and continuously flex in a linear motion, among other benefits.

Additionally, IEWC's sales force is technically knowledgeable and able to work with customers to ensure the material provided is the most advantageous solution. If that solution is currently unavailable, our team will utilize our extensive supply network to help customize one.

Browse our Industrial Automation offering or contact your IEWC sales rep for assistance in finding the right cable for your application.

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