Our Services

IEWC delivers more than just wire and cable management products. We’re also a full-service B2B partner with capabilities tailored for our customer's needs. Talk to your IEWC sales rep or read on below to learn more about how IEWC can help advance your business.

Business Services

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Dedicated Sales Team

Need a personal touch? IEWC assigns an Account Manager to every customer that works to learn your unique requirements.

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Financial Services

Work with your Account manager to ensure your payment plans are attuned to your business needs. IEWC can offer terms, commodity-driven plans, and other financial services.

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Global Sourcing Network

IEWC works with hundreds of manufacturers across the globe to ensure you have access to the highest quality products from the most reputable providers.

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Managed Freight Program

Save money and reduce shipping headaches! IEWC will prepay shipping for your order and break it out as a separate line item on your invoice. Learn more.

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Engineering & Custom Solutions

Exceptional product design is often enabled by unique components or performance needs that might not be readily available. IEWC can help! Learn more.

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Value-Add Services

With capabilities that can help advance your company, IEWC's value-add services are aimed to help accelerate and simplify your business. Learn more.

Procurement Channels

IEWC continues to add and refine our purchasing methods to ensure you can submit your order via your preferred method. Currently, we offer:

  • Email: Our customers’ most utilized method for submitting orders is a simple e-mail to their account rep. Log-in or Register to view the team assigned to serve your needs.
  • Website (Ecommerce): not only provides access to thousands of products, spec sheets, but also enables US-based customers to purchase directly on the site via a credit card or their established IEWC account. 
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI): IEWC AIR (Automated Inventory Replenishment System) is a web-based, purchasing and inventory management tool. With a few clicks you can re-order material, validate your on-shelf stock, or export your order history. Click here to learn more about IEWC AIR.
  • EDI: IEWC’s EDI (electronic data interchange) service enables us to exchange orders electronically, saving you time, decreasing your paperwork, and improving ordering accuracy.

Packaging & Logistics Services

IEWC seeks to seamlessly integrate into your supply chain and deliver product where, when, and how you want it. Our growing list of packaging & logistics capabilities can help save you money and time.

  • International Shipping: With facilities around the globe, IEWC is highly-experienced in the nuances of importing and exporting.
  • Custom labels and bar codes: IEWC can align to your label and bar code needs.
  • Drop Shipping: Does your customer need your order as soon as possible? IEWC can ship direct, saving valuable time by eliminating additional transit and processing.
  • Kitting: IEWC can combining multiple materials to ship as one common part.
  • Custom Packaging: Talk to your IEWC rep if you have unique packaging requirements!
  • Drum packaging: Does your process require you to pull cable from a drum? IEWC offers multiple Drum packing options, including 3 different sizes: 15", 22" and 30".
  • Drum box packaging: Drum boxes are the inventory and storage solution you might not know you need. While traditional wire and cable drums provide reliable, heavy-duty protection for your valuable wire inventory, they also introduce challenges for storage, inventory management and capital expenditures. Replacing drums with drum boxes can provide you with a more flexible, yet reliable, storage system for your wire inventory. Learn more.