GPT Wire: Characteristics, Applications, and More

GPT wire is one of the most common types of wire in the automotive industry. If you’re looking at the wire inside a vehicle, chances are you’re looking at GPT wire. 

But what exactly is GPT wire, and how do you select the right GPT automotive wire for your application? At IEWC, we carry a wide range of automotive wires, including GPT, of course. Below we'll offer some insight into this common wire. Still have questions? Reach out today! We're happy to help you select the best wire for any job.

What is GPT Wire?

What is GPT wire? GPT stands for “General Purpose Thermoplastic,” in other words, GPT automotive wire is a PVC primary wire used throughout general circuit wiring. 

GPT wire is one of the most common types of low-voltage wires used in the automotive industry. It’s available in a wide range of sizes—typically from 8 AWG through 22 AWG. Made of stranded bare copper, the wire features PVC thermoplastic insulation.

GPT automotive wire is typically used in internal automotive applications—under the hood or inside the console of a vehicle, where it won’t get exposed to environmental hazards. Although GPT wire withstands temperatures between -40°C and 80°C, the PVC insulation coating doesn’t stand up to long-term outdoor use. 

In simple terms, GPT, by definition, is a general-purpose automotive wire best suited for electrical applications within a vehicle. GPT meets the specifications for most OEM vehicle manufacturers and the SAE International standards J-1128 for low-voltage primary cable. SAE J-1128 cables can withstand a nominal surface vehicle electrical system voltage of up to 60 VDC (25 VAC). 

Some may refer to GPT wire as automotive wire or hook-up wire. This primary electrical wire is suitable for use in applications where it will face limited exposure to high temperatures, fluids, and physical wear and tear. 

Where would you find GPT wire? GPT automotive wire is commonly found in just about any moving vehicle, including cars, SUVs, trucks, motorcycles, boats, ATVs, tractors, and more. But, again, it's best to use GPT internally—for applications inside the vehicle. It connects most electrical systems and is ubiquitous in the automotive industry. 

GPT wire is easy to find and inexpensive, but it's essential to still seek the highest quality wire on the market for your application. Electrical components are critical for vehicle and automotive safety. Something as simple as a warning light can play a vital role in alerting drivers and mechanics of a problem or concern. Wire, even simple GPT automotive wire, is crucial for the performance of any moving vehicle. 

GPT Wire Specs and Characteristics

At IEWC, we carry a wide range of GPT wire options. Explore the different sizes, colors, strandings, and lengths to meet your needs. All GPT wire specs are rated for voltage up to 60 VDC (25 VAC). In addition, PVC insulators are available in an array of colors for different purposes.

Our GPT primary wire  is available in 7, up to 37 stranding. Choose from gauges between 8 and 22 (8, 10, 23, 14, 16, 18, 20, and 22) and 8, with 1 or 2 connectors. Organize and color code with dark grey, pink, red, dark blue, green, brown, black, yellow, and other standardized colors to ensure safety and ease of identification.  

As with all GPT wires, our bare copper GPT wire is safe for temperatures between -40°C to 80°C and meets the SAE standards for low-voltage primary cable. In addition, we offer specialty tinned copper GPT wire that can withstand temperatures up to 105°C in certain conditions. When you buy cable or wire from IEWC, you know exactly what you’re getting and can trust the quality, selection, and availability of your product. 

If you have any questions about the GPT automotive wire for your application, contact our team today. We can guide you through the right selection and provide quotes on quantities and lead times. 

GPT Cable Advantages, Applications, and Maintenance

What are the advantages of using GPT wire? Why should you choose GPT wire for your automotive application? Well, GPT wire is one of the standard primary wire choices for the automotive industry. 

GPT wire is flexible, durable, and affordable—three significant advantages for a small component that performs a big job. As a common component of automotive wiring systems, GPT wires connect lights and other circuitry in the vehicle. 

As mentioned, although GPT wire can withstand some exposure to hazards like chemicals, oils, acids, and abrasions, they aren’t meant for external use. For external use, you may want to explore other wire options like motor wire, marine wire, trailer cable, battery and electric cable, and other specialty wires. 

Maintaining GPT primary wire means performing periodic inspections and cleaning. Should you notice fraying or degradation in the PVC coating of your GPT wire, it’s time to consider a replacement. Keep in mind that any type of wire presents a safety hazard when connected to a power source. Always make sure that you’ve completely powered off and disconnected all sources of power currents before you perform maintenance or handle wires to avoid the risk of electrical shock or fire. 

Should you need to update or change your GPT primary wire, IEWC has the range of GPT automotive wire and the guidance to help you safely maintain your vehicle. Reach out today for any GPT wire needs. We’re here to help.