High Temperature Cable Ties

There are a wide variety of cable tie types and options for your applications. At IEWC, we carry a vast inventory of cable ties, assuring you can get the right tie for the job.

While cable ties may seem like a minor consideration, they do an outsized job. In high-temperature applications and corrosive environments, a cable tie binds and bundles cables together, keeping spaces organized, safe, and in proper working order.

The Importance of Selecting the Right Tie for High-Temperatures

It's critical to select the right cable tie for high-temperature environments. If you aren't sure of the cable tie type best suited to your application, we're happy to assist. For over half a century, IEWC has helped customers with optimal cable solutions.

There are generally two broad types of heavy-heavy duty cable ties: nylon cable ties and stainless-steel cable ties. Nylon ties are available in several different types of material, depending on the needs of the application.

Nylon Heavy-Duty Cable Ties

Our  heavy-duty nylon cable ties carry various temperature ratings. To understand the flammability ratings of nylon heavy-duty cable ties, it’s helpful to consult the UL 94 standards. UL 94 is a flammability test for synthetic materials such as nylon. The UL grades flammability based on the material's integrity in high temperatures, ability to resist ignition, and the flammable drippings produced during burning.

It's important to note that UL standards can't predict exactly how a material will perform or react to fire but helps users determine how suitable a given material, such as nylon, is for an environment or application. Our heavy-duty nylon cable ties are rated up to  UL 94 V-2 and UL 94 HB. UL 94 V-2 indicates that burning on a vertical component ceases within 30 seconds, still allowing for flammable drippings. UL 94 HB indicates burning on a horizontal component quits before reaching 100 mm.

UL 94 V-2 heavy-duty cable ties function in a temperature range between max 85C and min -40C. UL 94 HB heavy-duty cable ties range between max 110C and min -40C. Nylon heavy-duty cable ties carry a tensile strength of 120 lbs. max. Heavy-duty ties are available in lengths greater than 8".

  • ECTF: Ethylene Chlorotrifluoroethylene cable ties are rated between -70C to 150C. This material is low-smoke and flame-retardant.

  • PVDF: Polyvinylidene Fluoride cable ties are rated between -80C to 150C. PVDF is UV and chemical resistant.

  • PPS: Polyphenylene Sulfide ties are rated between -40C to 160C and offer both chemical and impact resistance.

  • ETFE: Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene is also known as Tefzel. ETFE ties can resist extreme temperatures between -80C up to 180C. ETFE is UV and chemical resistant.

  • PAEK: Polyaryletherketone cable ties are tested for temperatures between -55C and 190C. In some products, the temperature range can go up to 200C. PAEK ties are high-strength and flame resistant.

  • PEEK: Polyetheretherketone ties are also suited for extreme temperatures of -55C to 240C. PEEK is high in strength and offers significant flame resistance.