Rail & Transit

Wire, Cable & Wire Management Solutions

When the metrics for success are based on the ability to move passengers and cargo quickly and efficiently, downtime is not a luxury you can afford. The wire and cable you choose must consistently perform to the highest standards in high-temperature and harsh environment conditions. Keep the cargo moving with IEWC’s full line of wire, cable and wire management products for OEMs and sub-assemblers throughout the rail and transit market.

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Supplier Partners for Rail & Transit Applications

More than just your supplier, IEWC is part of Your Team !

For 60 years, IEWC has worked with our customers to offer complete solutions for their wire, cable and wire management needs. With local expertise and a global network of distribution centers, IEWC provides the personalized service and support you need to get the job done right. Discover the difference it makes when IEWC is on “Your Team”.

Rail & Transit Applications:

Control Cable

Electronically Controlled Pneumatic (ECP) Brake Cable
  • 600V, 125°C
  • XLPO Insulation/Neoprene Jacket
  • Approvals: AAR S-4210, VW-1, IEEE
SOOW Multi-Conductor
  • 600V, 105°C
  • EPDM Insulation / CPE Jacket
  • Approvals: FT1
Harmonized Multi-Conductor
  • 450V/750V, 60°C
  • Rubber Insulation / Neoprene Jacket
  • Approvals: , VDE, CE, IEC

Power Cable

  • 2000V, 90°C
  • EPR Insulation / CPE Jacket
  • Approvals: RHH/RHW, R90/RW90, VW-1, FT4, MSHA P-184, ICEA S-95-658
Single Conductor Head-End Power (HEP)
  • 600V, 90°C 
  • TPE Insulation / Neoprene Jacket
  • Approvals: Amtrak D-77-24, ICEA S-95-658
Polyrad® XT - Diesel Transit Cable
  • 2000V/600V, 125°C/110°C
  • XLPO Insulation
  • Approvals: AAR S-501, AAR RP-585, SMP 800-C, ICEA S-95-658, VW-1
Three Conductor Head-End Power (HEP)
  • 600V, 90°C
  • TPE Insulation / Neoprene Jacket
  • Approvals: Amtrak D-77-24, ICEA S-95-658
Polyrad® Ultra - Transit Cable
  • 600V, 125°C
  • XLPO Insulation
  • Approvals: ICEA S-95-658, BSS-7239, VW-1

Data & Communication Cable

  • Multiple constructions available
  • Multi-Pair Cables from 2 to 24 Pairs
  • Approvals: PLTC-ER, IEC
  • Multiple constructions available
  • PVC, FEP, LSZH, PVDF Insulations
  • Various Shielding Options
  • Approvals: AWM, CATV, CMP, CMG
Category 5
  • Multiple constructions available
  • PVC, XLP, TFE Insulations
  • Shielded and Un-Shielded Options
  • Approvals: TIA/EIA

Bare Copper

  • Multiple constructions available
  • Solid and Stranded Wire, Rope, Flat and Tubular constructions
  • Grounding Straps
  • Approvals: ASTM, MIL Spec

Fiber Optics

  • Multiple constructions available
  • Singlemode and Multimode
  • Loose Tube and Tight-Buffered
  • Armored, Breakout and Composite constructions

Wire Management Products

Many other wire, cable and wire management products available from stock. Consult your IEWC Sales Representative for detailed specifications on each product.