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Whether it's land, sea, air or space, IEWC specializes in wire, cable and wire management solutions for the most demanding aerospace and defense applications. 


IEWC has numerous solutions available to both assembly houses and OEMs as you look to grow in the aerospace and defense industry. We offer a broad range of mil spec lead wire and multi-conductor cable, aerospace data cable, and wire management products for your mission critical applications. Partnerships with industry-leading aerospace and defense suppliers provide access to standard products, as well as engineering support for custom items. Our IS0 9001 and AS 9100 registrations ensure we can meet your quality requirements. And with IEWC's 19 global locations, we can support, and even help transition, your requirements regardless of production location.

Aerospace & Defense Solutions

For more than half a century, IEWC has supplied complete solutions for our customers' wire, cable and wire management needs. IEWC offers an unparalleled customer experience that supports the success of your projects an dhelps ensure the growth of your company. Explore the various solutions IEWC offers for theAerospace & Defense industry.

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Shop from IEWC's catalog of 1000s of in-stock wire, cable and wire management products for the aerospace & defense industry.

Value-Added Services

IEWC offers a variety of value-added services, such as striping, dyeing, twisting, and more, aimed to help accelerate and simplify your business.

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IEWC provides guidance for new product development, existing product/program re-engineering and redesign with Engineered Solutions.

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Supplier Partners for Aerospace & Defense:

OEM Specialty Wire, Cable & Wire Management Products

  • Airbus
  • BAE
  • Boeing
  • DRS
  • General Dynamics
  • Lockheed
  • Raytheon
  • US Army
  • US Navy

Many other wire, cable and wire management products available from stock. Consult your IEWC Sales Representative for detailed specifications on each product. SUMIMARK® is a registered trademark of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. Data Master® is a registered trademark of Harbour Industries, Inc.

Aerospace & Defense Applications:

Value-Added & Supplemental Services:

  • Wire Striping & Printing
  • Wire & Cable Identification
  • Cut & Mark Tubing
  • Etching & Dyeing
  • Twisting & Cabling
  • Custom Spooling & Bar Coding
  • Custom Design & Product Development
  • Managed Inventory Solutions
  • Specialized Testing & Full Traceability
  • FABTECH® Engineered Solutions

The aerospace and defense industry continues to undergo major transition. Europe and the United States are actively reducing their defense budgets while countries in the Middle East, Asia and South America look to expand their investments. Meanwhile, commercial aerospace continues an upward trend and holds significant growth opportunities.

In order to thrive in this evolving market, aerospace and defense OEMs are pursuing numerous opportunities including global expansion and next-generation product development, while still seeking to improve efficiency and manage costs. Many commercial aerospace companies have already grown accustomed to selling and building products around the world, yet defense companies are relatively new to extending their reach beyond their domestic markets. This will require them to coordinate R&D and production efforts, globalize their supply chain and ensure adherence to export regulations.

Advances in technology and digitization will have a profound effect on next-generation product development. New materials and processes will increase efficiency, improve safety, and reduce the weight of aircraft and vehicles in order to improve fuel economy. Communication, control and navigation systems continue to become more sophisticated, in addition to consumers' expectation of internet connectivity and access to music, movies and television while in-flight, all requiring more complex electronics.

These changes will likely impact the type of high performance wire, cable and wire management products necessary for vehicle, equipment and system wiring and harnesses, including the use of lighter, smaller, and tougher materials. These harnesses are used for various aerospace and defense applications, including sensors and controls, display interfaces, engine systems, as well as navigation and in-flight entertainment connectivity.

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