Military & Government Wire Specifications

Callout Description
JAN Join Army Navy specification
J-C-90 Flexible cord and fixture wire
J-C-96 Neoprene jacketed telephone wire
J-C-580 Flexible cord and fixture wire
J-C-741 Rubber and/or neoprene welding cable
MIL-C-17 RG cables – polyethylene and Teflon TFE cores
MIL-C-442B Two conductor parallel cable, rip cord
MIL-C-915 Electrical cable for shipboard use
MIL-C-1486 10 conductor WM-46/U
MIL-C-2194 Navy shipboard cables with silicone rubber insulation
MIL-C-3078 50 volt single conductor cable
MIL-C-3162A Ignition cables for internal combustion engines
MIL-C-3432B 300 and 600 volt rubber insulated power & control cable
MIL-C-3458 Telephone cables
MIL-C-3702 Ignition cables for internal combustion engines
MIL-C-3849 Tinsel cord, light duty low voltage flexible cord for switchboards, microphones, telephones, etc.
MIL-C-3883 Audio frequency electrical cord
MIL-C-3884 Electrical conductor - short lay
MIL-C-4839 KEL-F insulated cable, WF-15/U
MIL-C-4866 RG-62/U Cable
MIL-C-4921A (ASG) Single conductor 8 AWG, 5000 volt cable with butyl compound insulation and polychloroprene for airport lighting
MIL-C-5136 Cable, power, electric, polychloroprene sheathed, buna compound insulated
MIL-C-5756 Low temperature rubber portable cords
MIL-C-6166 Cord, headset-microphone, CX1301/AR
MIL-C-7078 600 volt aircraft wire using MIL-W-5086 components
MIL-C-8721 Miniature coaxial cables with Teflon TFE cores
MIL-C-8817 Aircraft ignition cables
MIL-C-9360 RG 134/U cable
MIL-C-10065 Special purpose electrical cables, multi-pair audio frequency
MIL-C-10369 Telephone field cable, for rapid payout
MIL-C-10392 Special purpose electrical cables, miniature
MIL-C-10581 Telephone cable assemblies, telephone coil assembly, telephone loading
MIL-C-11060 Twisted pairs using general purpose hook-up wire
MIL-C-11097 Telephone cable, wire W-50-A
MIL-C-11311 Telephone cable, types WD-31/U and WT-24/U
MIL-C-11440 Electrical power cable
MIL-C-12064 Low temperature power cable and cords for Arctic service
MIL-C-12423 Telephone cable, WD-33/U
MIL-C-12881 Telephone switchboard cables and assemblies
MIL-C-12992 Electrical power cable assembly, cord CX-227 TVQ-1
MIL-C-13066 Telephone cable, submarine 19AWG and 22 AWG
MIL-C-13077 Special purpose electrical cable
MIL-C-13294B Infantry field wire, types WD-1/TT and WD-14/TT
MIL-C-13486 Primary wire for military vehicles and tanks
MIL-C-1377 Multi-conductor missile group support cable, 600 volt
MIL-C-13892 Telephone cable, flexible
MIL-C-14189 Electrical power cable, for field use, 3000 volt
MIL-C-15325 Electric tow cable, 3 conductor
MIL-C-15479 Electrical power cable, submarine, Navy Standard Harbot Defense
MIL-C-18959 Electrical power cable, portable, neoprene jacketed, 600 volt
MIL-C-18961 Special purpose cable, electrical, shot firing
MIL-C-18962 Electrical power cable, direct burial, neoprene jacketed, 600 volt
MIL-C-19381 (Ships) Special purpose cables, electrical nuclear plants
MIL-C-19547 Special purpose electrical cables, shore use
MIL-C-19638 Electric power cables, submarine, Navy Harbor Defense
MIL-C-19654 Telephone cable, submarine
MIL-C-19787 Electric cable, torpedo control, electric setting, 65 conductor
MIL-C-19883 Special purpose electric cables, for remote control radar set AN/FPN-28
MIL-C-21609 Electrical cable, shielded, 600 volt, non-flexing service
MIL-C-22667 Buoyant electrical cable, submarine use
MIL-C-23020 MIL-C-23020 Coaxial cable for use inside submarines, water blocked
MIL-C-23206 Special purpose electrical cable, silicone rubber, water blocked
MIL-C-23437 Electrical cable, shielded pairs
MIL-C-24145 (Ships) Special purpose electrical cable for shipboard use, water blocked and non-water blocked, formerly BuShip 660-L
MIL-C-24640 Electrical cable, lightweight for shipboard use
MIL-C-24643 Electrical cable and cord, low smoke for shipboard use
MIL-C-25115 RG-62C/U
MIL-C-25509 RG-115A/U
MIL-C-26468 (USAF) Power cable of two voltage ranges for airport lighting
MIL-C-27072 Non-portable multi-conductor cables for electronic circuits
MIL-C-27212 7 conductor cables for 300 volt airport lighting control circuits
MIL-C-27500 Shielded and unshielded aircraft and missile cables
MIL-C-36359 (S/B 38359) (USAF) Power cable of two voltage ranges for airport lighting, 8 AWG, 3000-5000 volt, CCLP insulated (Shipboard 38359)
MIL-C-55021 Cables, twisted pairs and triples, internal hook-up, shielded and unshielded
MIL-C-55036 Telephone cable, WM130##/6
MIL-E-9085 (USAF) Electrical cord, WM-85/U
MIL-E-9088 (USAF) Electrical cord, WF-15/U
MIL-R-833 (S/B 8333) (USAF) RF cable, RG12/U (Shipboard 8333)
MIL-STD-122 Color code for chassis wiring for electronic equipment
MIL-STD-681 Identification coding and application of hook-up wire
MIL-W-76B General purpose hook-up wire for internal wiring of electronic equipment. Temperature range of -40C to 80C.
Vinyl types LW, MW, HW for service up to 2500 volts, polyethylene type HF, 1000 volts
MIL-W-583 Electrical magnet wire
MIL-W-3093 Insulated wire, W-121, W-122, W-123, WD15/U, WD-16, WF-9/U, WT-3/U (distributing frame wires)
MIL-W-3104 Insulated wire, No. 20 AWG, extra flexible
MIL-W-3861 Uninsulated copper conductors. Solid, bunched, concentric and rope constructions
MIL-W-3975 Electrical wire, tinsel
MIL-W-5086 600 volt aircraft wire using copper conductors
MIL-W-5088 Installation of wiring and wiring devices in aircraft
MIL-W-5274 Spec for aircraft wire. Type I 600V, Type II 600V, Type III 300V ratings
MIL-W-5569 Insulated aircraft antenna wire, WS-5C/U
MIL-W-5845 Iron and Constantan thermocouple wire
MIL-W-5846 Chrome and Alumel thermocouple wire
MIL-W-5908 Copper and Constantan thermocouple wire
MIL-W-6370 Insulated wire for external aircraft antennas
MIL-W-7072 600 volt aircraft wire using aluminum conductors
MIL-W-7139 600 volt Teflon TFE tape insulated wire for aircraft and missile use
MIL-W-7500 Electrical wire, WS-31-U
MIL-W-8160 Installation of wiring in guided missiles
MIL-W-8777 600 volt aircraft wire with silicone rubber insulation
MIL-W-12341 Uninsulated copper conductors
MIL-W-12349 KEL F insulated hook-up wire
MIL-W-12410 General purpose hook-up wire, similar to MIL-W-76B
MIL-W-13074 Electrical wire, W-27 and WS-19U
MIL-W-13075 Electrical wire
MIL-W-13169 Electrical wire for instrument test leads
MIL-W-13241 Electrical wire
MIL-W-16878 Electrical hook-up wire. Includes vinyl types B, C, D - Teflon TFE types E, EE, ET - Teflon FEP types K, KK, KT -
silicone rubber types F, FF, FFW and polyethylene type J
MIL-W-19150 Polyethylene insulated, nylon jacketed hard drawn copper wire
MIL-W-19583 (Navy) Electrical wire, high temperature magnet wire, film insulated
MIL-W-21306 Electrical wire, twisted pair, color coded switchboard
MIL-W-22759 Teflon TFE insulated hook-up wire
MIL-W-25038A 600 volt aircraft wire w/ asbestos insulation
MIL-W-27300 Teflon insulated 600 volt aircraft wire
MIL-W-27500 600 volt aircraft wire w/ Teflon TFE insulation
MIL-W-81044 Irradiated wire for aircraft and hook-up. Polyalkene and polyvinylidene flouride, Kynar
MIL-W-81381 Electrical wire polymide insulated copper and copper ally, Kapton-H-Film
NAS-702 General purpose vinyl insulated hook-up wire for 105C operation
NAS-703 Teflon TFE insulated wire. Similar to Types E and EE of MIL-W-16878
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