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Data and communications cables have become ubiquitous with new applications discovered frequently. The modern industrial environment is automated through their ability to control equipment and provide inter-device communication. Common types like fiber optic cable and network cable also serve as the backbone for our communications networks of local or global scale. As with other cables used for communications between devices, electronic cable technology advances rapidly. IEWC works with the world's best manufacturers, those that continually develop products to advance capabilities. Our electronic cable offering includes coaxialmulti-pairmulti-conductorcomposite, and other types.

CAROL® Electronics - Demand better. Expect More. 

CAROL, a member of the Prysmian League, uses her power of supreme flexibility and durability to keep job sites running smoothly, in even the harshest conditions, just like Prysmian’s entire portfolio of CAROL® flexible cords, cord sets, and electronic wire and cable. The CAROL product line provides solutions for signal and data transmission; security, fire alarm & life safety; sound, A/V & home entertainment; and industrial communication-supporting protocols. Discover what CAROL can do for you.

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Carol Electronics brand feature, “Heroically durable. Fearlessly flexible.”
Alpha Wire Xtra-Guard performance cable brand feature
Belden Single-pair ethernet cable brand feature
Carol Electronics brand feature, “Heroically durable. Fearlessly flexible.”

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