Armor refers to mechanical protection for cables; usually a helical winding of metal tape placed over the outer sheath.

Armored cables are a self-contained conduit-wire system. The sheath or armor made of a metallic product, usually copper, steel or aluminum, is formed around the cable to provide mechanical protection, armor. The sheath not only provides impact and crush resistance but can also serve as electrical shielding in many applications. Applications include Pulp and paper mills, chemical and petroleum industries, trav, direct burial and applications in free air in wet or dry locations.

Armored cables can be used in tray, in earth and in free air. Armored cables can be designed for power, instrumentation or control applications. Power cable can range from 600 volt to 35 kV applications, most meet NEC 310. Control cables are available with a large number of conductors and ideal in hazardous locations. Armor can be applied over almost any instrumentation cable from shielded pairs to coaxial cables, many meet NEC 725.