Avoid PTFE, FEP, PFA & ETFE Wire and Cable Supply Disruptions with IEWC

04/19/2018 IEWC

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Due to increased worldwide demand of PTFE, FEP, PFA, and ETFE as well as recent price increases by one of the main chemical producers, our suppliers have notified us that they anticipate imminent shortages of PTFE and related chemicals which will cause longer lead times, higher costs, and potential stock-outs on wire and cable that incorporate this material. As a result of these price increases from suppliers and expenses associated with increasing our inventory, IEWC has also found it necessary to raise prices on PTFE wire and cable products.

Being one of the world’s leading wire and cable distributors, IEWC takes our commitment to exceptional customer service very seriously. To best serve you and help you avoid stock outs, IEWC has increased our inventory of PTFE wires and cables.

We understand how crucial it is for you to get the material you need, when you need it. That's why we want to partner closely with you to ensure you get the best service that fulfills your particular purchasing needs. To mitigate the pending price increase and manage the overall PTFE shortage with as little disruption to your supply chain as possible, we recommend you schedule your orders and communicate any additional demand you anticipate for these products as early as possible. Contact your sales representative to discuss your ordering options.

Thanks to IEWC’s large and diverse inventory, IEWC’s solution to the shortage does just not end with PTFE wires and cables. We stock wire and cable with all types of insulation and jacket compositions. So if you need to find a suitable alternative to the PTFE wires and cables, IEWC is here to help! Let our wire and cable experts review PTFE wire and cable substitutes with you.

Products affected by this issue include, but are not limited to:

UL & CSA Styles
UL 1164 UL 1517 UL 5251
UL 1180 UL 1523 UL 5256
UL 1198 UL 1538 UL 5257
UL 1199 UL 1558 UL 10086
UL 1212 UL 1570 UL 10109
UL 1213 UL 1643 UL 10126
UL 1226 UL 1644 UL 10202
UL 1227 UL 1659 UL 11028
UL 1330 UL 1671 UL 11028
UL 1331 UL 1726 UL 11033
UL 1332 UL 1727 TGGT UL 5180
UL 1333 UL 1815 TGGT UL 5196
UL 1371 UL 1911 TGGT UL 5251
UL 1508 UL 4296 TGGT UL 5256
UL 1513 UL 5127 TGGT UL 5257
UL 1516 UL 5196

Mil-Spec Wires and Cables
M16878/4 (NEMA HP-3-E) M16878/27 (NEMA HP-3-EE NPC) M22759/18
M16878/5 (NEMA HP-3-EE) M16878/28 (NEMA HP-3-EE NPC Wrapped) M22759/19
M16878/6 (NEMA HP-3-ET) M22759/5 M22759/21
M16878/11 (NEMA HP-4-K) M22759/6 M22759/22
M16878/12 (NEMA HP-4-KK) M22759/7 M22759/23
M16878/13 (NEMA HP-4-KT) M22759/8 M22759/28
M16878/20 (NEMA HP-3-ET Wrapped) M22759/9 M22759/29
M16878/21(NEMA HP-3-E Wrapped) M22759/10 M22759/30
M16878/22(NEMA HP-3-EE Wrapped) M22759/11 M22759/31
M16878/23(NEMA HP-3-ET NPC) M22759/12 M22759/32
M16878/24 (NEMA HP-3-ET NPC Wrapped) M22759/14 M22759/33
M16878/25 (NEMA HP-3-E NPC) M22759/16 M22759/34
M16878/26 (NEMA HP-3-E NPC Wrapped) M22759/17

Additional Wire & Cable Types
M27500 Multi-Conductors Thermocouple Wires Video Cables
NEMA Type E, EE, and ET Multi-Conductors Category Cables Electronic Cables
M17 Coaxial Cable Commercial Coax Cables