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10/17/2018 IEWC

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For 55 years IEWC has strived to be your most entrusted partner, accelerating and simplifying your business by developing a high-performing team and deploying leading technologies. As a result, our goal has always been to develop an intimate knowledge of what our customers need to excel at their job and then create a business that solves those needs better and quicker than anyone else.

In 2017 we introduced the new and improved with Better Product Data that is both accurate and consistent, a Better Online Catalog with thousands of images and spec sheets, and Improved Searchability that allows for search by our part number, the manufacturer part number or any number of keywords. Plus, it has the best filtering system in the industry!

Now, in 2018, we’re excited to announce the launch of an even better, one that focuses on bringing online purchasing capabilities to our US customers. With the new you will be able to enjoy useful new features and capabilities such as:

Online Purchasing
IEWC prides itself on providing an unparalleled customer service experience. Great customer service, however, means giving you the tools you need to do business the way that you prefer. That’s why on the new, you can place orders when it’s convenient for you. Do you need your wire striped, cut and re-spooled?  Well, you’ll be happy to hear that you can select from a number of service options when placing your orders as well.

Your Part Numbers
Over the years, many of our customers have established their own part numbers with IEWC to help make future ordering easier and hassle-free. These part numbers are accessible in several areas of, making reordering as simple as a few clicks.

We understand that our customers might not have a part number set up with us for every one of your needs, and there are times when you have to go on the hunt for a new product or solution. With more than 50,000 products online, we know that you’ll find what you need. And when you do, we’ve established special online pricing for all of our preferred customers. Just log into the site to see your own personalized pricing and start shopping!

Product Lead Times
Sometimes choosing a product just comes down to availability. With not only do you receive great pricing, but the ability to see which product will ship fastest so you can be sure you get what you need when you need it.

Order & Transaction History
Once you’ve placed your online order, then what? We’re giving you the tools you need to check order statuses, get tracking numbers, and review past orders and quotes. You can see years and years of order history with IEWC, whether you placed that order via phone, fax, email or now! So the next time you wake up at 2AM with an urge to check on your latest shipment, all you need to do is log onto to get the information you need.

Live Chat (US)
Need help navigating our site, or have questions you need answered right-away? We have representatives standing by to consult with you on any of your wire and cable needs!

As the world -- and our customers -- continue to change, know that we are also tirelessly advancing to ensure that you stay ahead. With that, welcome to the new, “digital” IEWC.

See you online!

Joe Crum
IEWC Chief Technology Officer