IEWC Announces Creation of Broadcast & Communications Division

07/06/2015 IEWC

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IEWC is pleased to announce the creation of a distinct division for its commercial efforts in the broadcast, commercial A/V, and communications markets, separating it from IEWC’s traditional focus on OEMs and sub-assemblers. The new division will focus exclusively on offering a complete connectivity and media management solution for integrators, contractors, studios, and other parties with audio/visual and communications needs.

IEWC’s Broadcast & Communications (B&C) team has grown rapidly over the last 30 months with the acquisitions of Delco Wire & Cable, Westlake Electronic Supply, and most recently, Argosy. The new division will seek to meld the expertise and industry partnerships maintained by the three acquired companies with the global distribution network and operational expertise of IEWC.

Roger Caynor, formerly VP of Broadcast & Communications, has been promoted to President of the division, and will be responsible for propelling the division towards being the supplier of choice for any product between capture and transmission. Dave Nestingen, IEWC’s CEO, commented, “In just 30 short months, Roger has partnered with our global divisions to introduce IEWC into the Broadcast & Communications markets, and collectively they have achieved significant growth worldwide. I look forward to Roger directly leading this highly talented and knowledgeable group and building upon this initial success.”

The creation of the Broadcast & Communications division is another indication of IEWC’s on-going commitment to delivering results for those operating in the rapidly changing broadcast, commercial A/V, and communications supply chains. Roger Caynor notes, “IEWC continues to work to enhance its customer experience. Our newly empowered sales team is focused exclusively on the success of our Broadcast & Communications customers, and our operations team will deliver them a seamless experience no matter the location via our 22 facilities in 13 countries.”

For additional information please contact Roger Caynor, IEWC President – Broadcast & Communications, at +1 813 610 8903 or via e-mail at

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