Industrial Electric Wire & Cable Launches New Service - "FABTECH"

01/08/2009 IEWC

News Releases

Industrial Electric Wire and Cable, Inc. (IEWC), New Berlin, Wisconsin has launched a new service known as FABTECH. This new service offering leverages Industrial Electric's accumulated knowledge in the area of wire, cable and wire management products including the installation of these products. Industrial Electric has developed an expertise in matching up the unique attributes of the products produced by its manufacturing partners with specific end-use applications. In doing so, Industrial Electric intends to strengthen its position as a solution provider to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Sub-Assemblers around the world.

FABTECH is a full service and complete turn-key program that delivers engineered solutions, cost efficient results, lean principles, automated manufacturing and assembly solutions and supply chain management to IEWC's valued customers.

David Nestingen, President of IEWC, recently stated that, "Our decision to create a new service offering that focuses on providing performance-based wire and cable products to tackle the unique challenges as defined by our customers represents a true win-win solution. FABTECH represents another element of Industrial Electric’s Customer Driven – Solution Focused partnership with customers and manufacturers alike." Industrial Electric has combined its knowledge of the unique manufacturing capabilities of the worlds best wire and cable FABricators with the TECHnological demands of the end-use applications to create the FABTECH solution.

For further information please contact Jim Fitzpatrick, Senior Application Specialist, or Mark Christie, VP of Wire Management Products, Industrial Electric Wire & Cable, Inc. at 800-344-2323 or via email at and

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