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ABB Installation Products is powering and protecting your world through reliable electrical products in sustainable ways. As electrical infrastructures age and new demands for power capacity increases, we provide the components that help safely power your world.



HarnessFlex® Specialty Conduit Systems provide superior protection of vehicle wiring harness with electrical system routing solutions that guard against mechanical abrasion, liquid ingress and corrosive salt damage. It's perfect for:

  • Agricultural, construction & military vehicles
  • Harness & engine manufacturers
  • Truck, bus, tanker & trailer manufacturers
  • Specialist vehicle component manufacturers

Harnessflex Product Breadth

  • Conduits: Conduit range is available in many different materials with enhanced low-fire hazard properties and increased tolerance to extreme temperatures 
  • Hinged fittings: Hinged fittings designed to protect against liquid ingress and ensure correct assembly, featuring internal backstop to eliminate problems caused by unevenly cut conduit 
  • Connector interfaces including Harnessflex® EVO™: Harnessflex connector interfaces are designed for use in areas where electrical connectors are vulnerable to high-pressure washing 
  • Sealed fittings: Sealed fittings designed to protect against high-pressure wash-down, excessive cable strain, and mechanical abrasion 
  • Harnessflex® X-Temp™ range: Cable protection solutions for automotive market that withstand high temps up to 200°C 
  • Harnessflex® EVO™: Conduit Systems to safeguard critical wiring in heavy-duty electric vehicles 
  • Accessories: Range of accessories that compliments the Harnessflex product offering