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RSCC Wire & Cable

RSCC was established in June, 1996 when The Rockbestos Company and Surprenant Cable Corporation were combined as one entity as a member company of The Marmon Group. Already a Marmon Group member for twenty years, Rockbestos was founded in 1918 in New Haven, Connecticut. Surprenant Cable Corporation was founded in 1938 in Clinton, Massachusetts. RSCC is now headquartered at the Connecticut facility, which encompasses the sales and marketing, design, manufacture, and distribution center.

Now, as part of Marmon Engineered Wire & Cable, a member of The Marmon Group/A Berkshire Hathaway Co., RSCC Wire & Cable has the management and financial strength needed to sustain its leadership position and tradition of excellence. RSCC Wire & Cable offers its own unique product line and also can work in close conjunction with its sister companies also part of Marmon Engineered Wire & Cable including RSCC Aerospace & Defense, Aetna Insulated Wire, Hendrix Wire & Cable, The Kerite Company, Owl Manufacturing, Cable USA, Comtran, Harbour Industries, Dekoron Unitherm, Dekoron Wire & Cable, Cable USA, and TE Wire & Cable.

Product offerings include: • Armored Cables • Control Cables • Critical Circuit Cables • Fire Resistant Cables • Hook-Up Wire • Instrumentation Cables • High Voltage Wire & Cable • Rig Cables • Sensor Cables • Thermocouple Tray Cables

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