STX Battery Cable, 6 AWG, 1C, Unshielded, 60V, XLPE Insulated, Yellow

STX06B37-4 MFG #: 146332-10IE
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  • # of Conductors: 1
  • Armor Type: NONE
  • Color: YELLOW
  • Conductor Metal: BARE COPPER
  • Conductor Shielding Type: UNSHIELDED
  • Conductor Type: STRANDED
  • Gauge Size: 6
  • Insulation Material: XLPE
  • Jacket Material: NONE
  • Manufacturer: Approved Manufacturer
  • Overall Shielding Type: UNSHIELDED
  • Stranding: 37
  • Temperature: 125C
  • Voltage: 60V
STX cables are a type of battery cable with cross-linked insulation, typically used in automotive applications, yet their properties make them suitable for other industries as well.