Packaging, Bottling & Processing

Whether the machine is used for canning, bottling, inspection, labeling, or any related application, IEWC works to ensure your needs are fulfilled when needed.

IEWC maintains inventory for use on a wide range of applications associated with Packaging, Bottling, and Processing Equipment. Variable-Frequency Drive (VFD) and servo cables, hook-up wire, and related wire management products are housed at all IEWC locations globally, ready to ship at a moment's notice.

Changing eating habits, increased usage of ready-made meals or eating at fast food outlets will significantly contribute to growth in these industries. IEWC continually evolves its offering to support the needs of equipment makers affected by these consumer-driven changes. We work with our suppliers to ensure we have the reliable and beneficial materials necessary to manufacture a reliable and advanced piece of equipment. This commitment to evolving with the industry means IEWC can supply the most flexible or highly-flexing cables for place in newly capable equipment. Since this equipment is also becoming more intelligent, IEWC also offers a line of data cables used to enable equipment to communicate, aiding in troubleshooting and process management.