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When moving cargo and passengers with efficiency, speed and reliability is your goal – IEWC can get you there. With a broad range of high performance products, partnerships with industry-leading suppliers, and a global network of distribution centers, we can get you the right products for your rail & transit application.

When the metrics for success are based on the ability to move passengers and cargo quickly and efficiently, downtime is not a luxury you can afford. The wire and cable you choose must consistently perform to the highest standards in high-temperature and harsh environment conditions. Keep the cargo moving with IEWC’s full line of wire, cable and wire management products for OEMs and sub-assemblers throughout the rail and transit market.

Rail & Transit Industry Solutions

For more than half a century, IEWC has supplied complete solutions for our customers' wire, cable and wire management needs. IEWC offers an unparalleled customer experience that supports the success of your projects and helps ensure the growth of your company. Explore the various solutions IEWC offers for the Rail & Transit industry.

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Shop from IEWC's catalog of 1000s of in-stock wire, cable and wire management products for the rail & transit industry.

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IEWC offers a variety of value-added services, such as striping, dyeing, twisting, and more, aimed to help accelerate and simplify your business.

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IEWC provides guidance for new product development, existing product/program re-engineering and redesign with Engineered Solutions.

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Many other wire, cable and wire management products available from stock. Consult your IEWC Sales Representative for detailed specifications on each product.

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More than just your supplier, IEWC is part of Your Team !

For 60 years, IEWC has worked with our customers to offer complete solutions for their wire, cable and wire management needs. With local expertise and a global network of distribution centers, IEWC provides the personalized service and support you need to get the job done right. Discover the difference it makes when IEWC is on “Your Team”.

Rail & Transit Applications:

The rail & transit market includes diesel-electric locomotives, heavy and light-rail cars, rapid transit cars, rolling stock, train and rail controls, and transit communications. While North America has long been a predominant player in freight rail lines, Europe and Asia have been leaders in passenger transit. However, urbanization, infrastructure investments, and an increased demand for public transportation, will lead to strong growth in light and high speed rail in North America and the Middle East.

The driving trends in the rail & transit market include increasing customer demand and associated service expectations, railroads’ need to improve productivity, rising fuel prices, environmental regulations, and improved safety and security. These forces are influencing rail & transit OEMs to pursue new technologies, including fuel-efficient locomotives, traffic management systems, track to train voice and data communications, and passenger infotainment systems.

Long-term performance and reliability are a must for rail & transit cabling and connectivity. Wire, cable and wire management products must provide superior performance, including flame retardancy, flexibility, abrasion resistance, and reduced weight and size. These products are used for various applications, such as power and control circuits, lighting, communication, data and transmission systems, as well as brake systems. Specialty cables including electronically controlled pneumatic brake (ECP), diesel locomotive (DLO), head-end power, and rapid transit cables are designed specifically for demanding rail & transit environments.

As assembly houses and OEMs capitalize on growth in the rail & transit industry, IEWC provides numerous product and service solutions to allow smooth operations. We offer a broad range of products that meet applicable AAR, UL, CSA, and other specifications, including Boeing, Bombardier, Amtrak, and NYCTA, ensuring you have the correct product for your application. Partnerships with industry-leading suppliers allow us to provide you the latest technology, as well as necessary specification and industry standards. And with local expertise and a global network for distribution centers, we can support your requirements regardless of production location.


IEWC has long helped our customers advance the way the world moves. As industry needs have become more complex and unique, we’ve recognized the need for a team capable of working through those complexities with our customers. They enable us to provide knowledgeable support and stay at the forefront of industry needs, like products with NFPA-130 adherence, IEC certifications, or LSZH qualities. Our continually growing value-add capabilities are also attuned to the needs of the market. We print, cut to length, stripe, kit, and even customize cable via our ASCENT brand.

In the Rail and Transit markets, our customer base encompasses:

  • Rolling Stock & Trackside Equipment Manufacturers
  • Contract Manufacturers
  • Assembly Houses
  • Transit Authorities

Connecting with IEWC’s comprehensive supply chain and logistics solutions for wire, cable, and wire management products has helped many maximize profitability, efficiency, and reliability of their products and services. Trust IEWC’s team to ensure you have the right products at the right time.

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