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When safety and reliability of your recreational vehicles or commercial trucks are your main concerns, high performance wire, cable and wire management products are critical. IEWC carries a broad range of items designed to withstand those tough environments and meet various specifications and industry standards.

The recreational vehicle (RV) and commercial truck markets are subject to many of the same factors as the automotive market, including the economic environment in mature and emerging markets, fuel prices, and government regulations of safety and emissions.

The global market for medium and heavy duty commercial trucks continues to hold steady in North America and Europe, as rapid growth occurs in Mexico, Brazil, Russia, India, China, Mexico, as well as Indonesia and Turkey. These markets offer attractive growth opportunities due to economic development and related increases in freight demand. OEMs are utilizing their global truck platforms for market entry and expansion in these growth markets, while introducing innovative new technologies in their domestic markets. Stability controls, braking systems, drive information and warning systems, as well as new cabin designs and integration of connectivity options, all require more sophisticated electronics. Development of new powertrains, including hybrids, in order to meet fuel efficiency standards, is also occurring.

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For more than half a century, IEWC has supplied complete solutions for our customers' wire, cable and wire management needs. IEWC offers an unparalleled customer experience that supports the success of your projects and helps ensure the growth of your company. Explore the various solutions IEWC offers for the Recreational & Commercial Vehicle industry.

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The economic downturn initially had a tremendous negative impact on the RV market, but it has come roaring back in recent years. Demographic shifts toward an older population, especially in the US, have positively affected the time and discretionary income available for consumers to purchase and use travel trailers, campers and motorhomes. OEMs are implementing new innovations to try to make RVs that are more comfortable, cost-effective, and fuel efficient. These features include versatile floor plans, LED lighting, as well as entertainment, navigation and connectivity systems.

These changes will likely impact the use and type of wire, cable and wire management products necessary for vehicle and system wiring and harnesses, including the use of lighter and smaller materials. These harnesses are used for various RV and commercial truck applications, including lighting, sensors, safety controls, battery connections, and device connectivity.

In order to navigate the recreational vehicle and commercial truck industry, IEWC has numerous solutions available to assembly houses and OEMs. We offer a broad range of wire management products, as well as primary wire, battery cable and other items that meet applicable SAE and UL specifications. Extensive inventory of such products and our Automated Inventory Replenishment (AIR) system allow us to help you manage ebbs and flows in your demand. And with IEWC's global locations, we can support, and even help transition, your requirements regardless of production location.