2mm Micro Breakout Assemblies

Cablcon's 2mm Micro Breakout Assemblies, the latest addition to our Cutting EDGE lineup. These assemblies are engineered for maximum fiber density while retaining breakout length flexibility. With options ranging from 24 to 144 fibers, each 2mm subunit is composed of twelve 250um fibers and an aramid strength member. This unique design allows you to independently route subunits according to your rack and panel architecture, optimizing cable tray space. The MTP® Pro connector offers a compact boot footprint, field-reversible polarity, and convenient push-pull access on both sides of the panel. Made in the USA at our ISO 9001 and TL 9000-certified facilities, Cablcon's fiber optic assemblies meet rigorous industry standards, including GR-1435 and the IEC standard for end-face cleanliness. Our specialization in quick-turn, custom-length manufacturing ensures tailored solutions for your specific needs. Whether for data centers, central offices, C-RAN & iEN Hubs, or multi-floor installations, these 2mm Micro Breakout Assemblies deliver space-saving, high-density connectivity with improved heat dissipation and customization options, including leg length, staggered ends, custom labeling, and pulling-eye configurations. Upgrade your fiber network.


  • Data Centers/Central Offices/C-RAN & iEN Hubs
  • Termination to a fiber backbone
  • Direct interface or interconnect between fiber management panels and equipment using MTP®/MPO style connectors.
  • Multi-floor installations where select subunits are dedicated to each floor


  • Small O.D. (24F & 48F) 7.0mm, (72F) 8.2mm, (144F) 10.3mm – a space savings of more than double when using 2mm
  • vs. 3mm subunits
  • Smaller design facilitates increased airflow improving heat dissipation
  • Singlemode OS2(G657.A1) and Multimode Laser Optimized OM4 plenum-rated cable with Corning® glass
  • Qualified industry leading components to GR-409 & GR-1435
  • Pro series MTP® includes push/pull boot for easier insertion and extraction
  • Simple field polarity and gender changes with available one-step insertion/extraction tool
  • Custom build configurations include leg length & staggered ends, custom labeling, pulling-eye