MTP PRO Elite Jumpers

Discover Cablcon's MTP® PRO Field Reversible Cable Assemblies, designed to effortlessly address polarity and gender mismatches. These assemblies offer a simple method to change polarity and switch connectors from female to male and vice versa in seconds. A part of Cablcon’s Cutting EDGE® Fiber Solutions portfolio, these cable assemblies feature Elite ferrules, ensuring exceptional IL and RL performance. The push-pull boot simplifies connector unplugging, even in tight spaces. Available in OM4 multimode and G.657.A2 singlemode, with options for 2mm or 3mm OD plenum-rated interconnect cables, these assemblies are versatile for various applications. Crafted in our ISO 9001 and TL 9000-certified American facilities, they meet or exceed GR-1435-CORE and IEC standards for end-face cleanliness, offering a reliable solution with quick-turn, custom-length manufacturing. Ideal for data centers, central offices, C-RAN iEN Hubs, high-density interconnects, fiber optic transceivers, and any MPO application.


  • Data Center/Central Offices/C-RAN iEN Hubs
  • High-density interconnects where space is at a premium
  • Fiber Optic Transceivers
  • MTP® PRO cables can be used in any MPO application


  • Ability to reverse the gender or polarity of the connector in a couple seconds (tool required)
  • Push-pull boot improves connector access in the field
  • Elite ferrule comes standard and provides outstanding IL and RL performance
  • Available with OS2 singlemode (G.657.A2) and OM4 multimode fiber
  • Cablcon assemblies meet or exceed GR-1435; cable meets GR-409 Interconnect
12f 2.0 mm 50 lbf 0.79"
12f 3.0 mm 50 lbf 1.18"
24f 3.0 mm 150 lbf 1.18"

SM MTP® PRO (Elite) 0.35 -60
MM MTP® PRO (Elite) 0.35 -30