Fiber Optic Cleaning Products

In the world of fiber optics, a clean connection is essential for maintaining an error-free network. IEWC offers a comprehensive range of Fiber Optic Cleaning Products to ensure the highest level of network integrity. These products are designed to remove dust, lint, oil, and other foreign particles that may obscure end faces, ultimately compromising the integrity of optical signals. Maintain peak performance and reliability in your fiber optic network with trusted cleaning solutions.


Senko Smart Cleaners are dry cloth cleaners specially designed to clean single fiber connectors residing in an adapter, faceplate or bulkhead. Senko Smart Cleaners are simple to use and highly effective at removing oil and dust contaminants that can negatively impact optical performance.

Cleaning Solvent JL AFT-A-FS
4x4 Non-Woven Wipes 100ct pack JL AFT-A-NW
Cassette Cleaner, SC, FC, ST, E-2000, LC, MU:PC and APC JL SCK-CC-100
Smart Cleaner 1.25 for LC, MU JL SCK-SS-125
Replacement Cartridge for 1.25 (LC, MU) JL SCK-SS-125-R
Smart Cleaner MPO JL SCK-SS-MPO