LightWISE HD Patch & Splice

As fiber density continues to climb in legacy spaces, the need to maximize each rack unit becomes more critical. Cablcon’s HD Patch & Splice was introduced to provide a scalable platform for patching and splicing inside the rack. Each panel consists of 144 LC ports on the front. Cablcon’s shuttered adapters feature an alternating color code by ribbon for easier identification. The HD Patch & Splice is pre-wired, such that bare collapsible ribbons safely exit the rear of the panel and are ready for mass fusion splicing. A single 144f mass fusion splice tray is included with the panel. Removable front and rear doors allow for easier access in tight spaces and the recesses allow for better cable management and easier access when the panels are stacked on top of each other.


  • LWF-011USPS144


  • Data Center Telecom & Meet-Me Rooms
  • Central Offices, Headends and Mobile Edge Computing
  • Other fiber-rich environments where space is at a premium



  • Fiber: G.657.A2 Singlemode Fiber (OS2)
  • LC Terminations: 0.25bB Max Insertion Loss (IL); -55dB Max Reflectance (RL)
  • Packaging: 24” W x 20” D x 2” H


  • Shuttered LC adapters that are color-coded by ribbon
  • Removable front and rear doors that enhance access to adjacent panels
  • Collapsible ribbons that reduce preferential bend concerns and splice easily
  • Removable, easy-to-use mass fusion splice tray that accommodates 144 fibers (12 splices)
  • 1RU footprint to maximize the space you have in your rack RoHS & REACH-compliant