VIC Enclosure

Loading VICs into a rack or cabinet is easy with the LightWISE® VIC Enclosure. The VIC Enclosure accommodates up to three VIC modules and provides excellent accessibility in both the front and the rear of the panel via a two-way sliding tray. The 1RU footprint complements the VIC’s density benefits and fiber management is easy with the included hook and loop strips. A simple thumbscrew effectively holds each VIC in place after installation.


  • Rack-mount Interconnect and Cross Connect
  • Data Centers, Central Offices, Mobile Edge Computing
  • Passive Optical Networks (PONs), Fiber to the Office (FTTO)


  • Accepts up to three Versatile Interconnect (VIC) modules
  • Two-way drawer for access to both the front and rear of the VIC
  • Simple, effective cable routing
  • Easy installation onto any 19” or 23” rack
  • Removable front and rear doors reduce interference with other rack equipment


  • VIC-200000