Cablcon Value-Add Services

Quick Turn Manufacturer & Complete Solution Expert


  • Built & stocked to order.
  • Shipment consolidation. 
  • Maximize production efficiency & consolidate transactional costs.
  • Reduced stock keeping units "SKU" count, inventory, scrap, procurement overhead, receiving & inventory transactions. 
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EDI Order Processing

  • "Electronic Data Interchange"
  • Automated receiving, invoice & order processing, & fulfilling purchase orders.
  • Eliminates manual data entry & paper-based documents. 
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Private Labeling & Contract Manufacturing 

  • Private Labeling: Custom branding printed on existing manufactured products.
  • Contract Manufacturing: Custom, quick turn capabilities to meet your design specifications & requirements. In-house Rapid Prototyping & Product Development support available
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Custom Striping, Tracing & Printing

  • Longitudinal, spiral, hash, and double striping.
  • Visual indicator eases organization, installation, & maintenance.
  • Striping colors available: black, blue, brown, gray, green, orange, red, violet, white, & yellow.
  • Tracing available in black
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Rack & Stack

  • Full out of the box solution.
  • Rack fully outfitted with equipment & wiring.
  • Eliminates soft cost of field installation time. 
  • Cabinet integrations services.
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Pigtail & Jumper Installation Kits

  • Pre-formed installation kits designed for cabinet & shelter applications. 
  • Reduce Total Installation Cost "TIC" & Total Cost of Ownership "TCO" through speed of deployment & quality of product.
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  • Cut custom lengths of cable, tubing, sleeving, loom/conduit.
  • Eliminates scrap & immediate installation.
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Custom Packaging, Labeling & Barcoding

  • Add customized labels with information & barcodes to production, company/product imagery, Universal Product Code "UPC", etc.
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