IEWC Entrusted Partner

As Entrusted Partners to our customers, IEWC offers a complimentary on-site Facility Best Practice consultation engagement.

As a business leader in your organization, you’re well aware of the challenges in keeping production running smoothly while optimizing your materials spend. With a breadth of industry insights, IEWC aims to understand, reveal, and then partner to solve your company’s specific business challenges and impediments to productivity.

This isn't your standard plant tour. Your IEWC representative will deliver a tangible report with actionable innovations to your manufacturing and procurement processes based on our years of experience on many different OEM, wire harness, and cable assembly production floors.

How does the program work?

Let your IEWC salesperson know that you’d like to participate in the Entrusted Partner program by completing the form to the right. They will work with you to schedule an on-site visit to your facility (or facilities).
A typical Facility Best Practice evaluation includes the following, but your rep will customize per your organization’s structure and needs:

  1. Conduct informal interviews with procurement, operations, and engineering leaders to align with the most important challenges and opportunities for your organization
  2. Tour your production and stocking facility
  3. Observe and talk to floor staff during production activities in departments including receiving, stocking, production, and shipping
  4. Identify a prioritized list of innovation and improvement opportunities
  5. Deliver a formal report out to collaboratively identify the projects that will have greatest impact on your organization’s goals and initiatives

Learn more about IEWC's Entrusted Partner program and the benefits of engagement here!

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