Free On-site Facility Consultation

Facing daily production challenges? You're not alone. At our core, we understand the importance of keeping the manufacturing gears turning smoothly, especially when integrating wire and cable solutions.  

Prior to meeting you in person, we'll schedule an initial, no-obligation conference call to discuss your pinch points. We'll then arrange a free one-day visit at your convenience.     

During the onsite facility tour:

  1. Your IEWC consultant will start by interviewing your procurement, operations, and engineering leaders.
  2. We will then dive deep into your production floor and work closely with your staff in receiving, stocking, production, and shipping to identify bottlenecks and areas of waste.

When we get back to the office, we will analyze our notes and provide you with customized recommendations that highlight opportunities for improvement and best practices to boost productivity.

Our suggestions stem from years of hands-on experience across varied production environments, including OEM, wire harness, and cable assembly operations. At the end of the day, it’s about making your production line as efficient as possible, with high-quality plug-and-play strategies that seamlessly mesh with your existing setup. 

Let's make your manufacturing process leaner together. Fill out the form to get started today.

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Need to amplify production capacity?

Addressing capacity constraints to support business growth requires a distribution partner that goes beyond parts.

Global locations positioned to provide just-in-time inventory.
Our strategically positioned global locations can make just-in-time inventory your new reality. We’re here to minimize your inventory storage burdens, liberate your valuable floor space and capital, and inject agility into your operations.

Cartoon of distribution center amplifying production capacity

Inventory on the shelf & ready to ship.
Our aim is to boost your operations to be smooth, fast, and cost effective. With IEWC, you receive the quantities you need just how you need it to make your production flow smoothly, while IEWC ensures precision in cutting, re-spooling, packaging, and timely delivery.

IEWC’s value-add services streamline your facility.
Kitting and pre-processing are strategic assets. Our value-added services not only speed up your production but also optimize resource utilization—saving floor space, reducing SKU counts, and freeing up your most talented resource: your people. It’s not only about doing more with less; it’s about reaching peak efficiency, accelerating your output, and enhancing your effectiveness.