Prysmian Group Answers Growing Demand for Electric Vehicle Solutions

Presents Extensive Cable & Accessories for All Commercial and Residential Charging Applications

In order to meet the growing demand for electric mobility across North America, Prysmian Group, the world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, presents a full line of electric vehicle wire, cable and accessories compatible with commercial and residential charging applications and any type of electrical vehicle.

To support the expanding electric vehicle fleet in North America and worldwide, Prysmian Group’s offering includes the following electric vehicle and charging solutions:

  • CAROL® EV charging cord (type EVJ/EVJE/EVJT and EV/EVE/EVT)
  • Charging assembly handles
  • Draka Prestolite automotive solutions including high- and low-voltage cables and harnesses, as well as specialty wire products

Coming on the heels of negotiations by the US Congress for a bipartisan infrastructure bill to bolster the nation’s network of electric vehicle charging stations, Prysmian Group’s electric vehicle solutions are built to offer long-term durability to support the growing electrification of transportation around the US and the world.

“As we continue to see the shift towards electric vehicles as a promising mobility option, we are committed to contribute to the electric vehicle infrastructure facilitating the energy transition and diversification for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions,” said Sarah Sector, VP of Industrial & OEM Sales at Prysmian Group North America. “Our EV products and solutions enable our customers and communities to meet today’s great challenges and aim to bring the world one step closer to zero-emission mobility.”

Prysmian Group N. America EV Solutions