Hellermann Tyton EVO Cut

The EVO Cut plastic tie cutting tool preserves the wires and harnesses from being damaged in the cutting process without compromising the cut of the strap. This new tool works for both flexible and rigid bundles and recommended for use in harness applications in which the safety and integrity of the wires is important.

Using the EVO Cut prevents the risk of damaging wiring insulation or even single conductors. The nose piece centers the tool on the cable tie and ensures the integrity of the underlying cable insulation. Only the tie strap is sliced! EVO Cut is suitable for removing inside and outside serrated plastic cable ties of different sizes on both flexible and rigid bundles. This lightweight cutting tool is simple to operate with one hand - squeezing the lever moves the integrated jaw blades effortlessly through the tie band.

With a lightweight plastic housing and an ergonomic, non-slip handle, the Evo Cut provide the user a comfortable and secure grip. Three interchangeable nose pieces that correspond to a wide range of HellermannTyton plastic cable ties are included. Order your EVO Cut today!

  • For use with CABLE TIES T18 - T150
  • Ensures the cable insulation from being damaged
  • Lightweight plastic housing, ergonomic design for single-handed operation
  • Tie can be cut off at any part of the strap
  • Includes three interchangeable nosepieces for respective cable tie width and thickness
Hellermann Tyton's EVO Cut cutting tool.