Since 1965, Techflex has engineering and manufacturing a wide range of braided sleeving products for a variety of industries from biomedical and aerospace to wire, hose and cable bundling protection solutions for high performance automotive enthusiasts. The company's experience with this broad market, as well as its wide selection of general purpose and high-tech specialty products, has made Techflex the first name in sleeving solutions.


Techflex® BATTLE BRAID® sleeve features a durable polyester construction designed for bundling and protecting cables. With its tightly woven design, it offers strong crush and abrasion resistance, making it an ideal choice for managing cables in a variety of demanding environments.

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Techflex® F6 ® Battle Wrap

Techflex® F6 ® Battle Wrap is a heavy-duty and easy-to-apply sleeving solution designed to shield wire and cable assemblies from heavy impacts and abrasion. With its durable polyester construction and innovative wrap-around design, it's an ideal choice for automotive and EV applications where protection form extreme environments and easy identification are necessary.

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Techflex® Gorilla Sleeve®

Techflex® Gorilla Sleeve® is a heavy-duty cable protection technology designed using differently shaped filaments that add strength, without the loss of flexibility. Its high abrasion resistance makes it a reliable choice for protecting cables in challenging industrial and commercial settings.

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